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Manhattan Match-Up: Five Factors for Finding Your Neighborhood

Just as important as your budget or the type of home you want is the community you want to live in. Knowing your preferences will save you time and streamline your home buying process. However, with so many great places to live in Manhattan, it can be hard to choose between them. To help you get started, here are some factors to consider when selecting the perfect Manhattan neighborhood for your next property.

Commute Time

If you want to commute to work every day, location is important. And, as any commuter will tell you, time and distance are not necessarily equal. So, if you reside in a neighborhood far from your work area, you spend a lot of time on the commute.

The best way to determine your commute time is to do a test run during peak hours. Visit your desired Manhattan neighborhood and drive to or from work during rush hour. This test will give you an accurate estimate of how long your average daily commute will be.


When seeking to buy a house, the neighborhood’s safety is critical, especially if you have kids. You do not want to buy a home in an area, only to realize later that it has a high crime rate. Some key factors to examine when determining the safety of a neighborhood are crime statistics and street lighting.

You should also find out if your select neighborhood has a neighborhood watch. Visit the area at different times of the day and talk to some people living there to get raw insights on the neighborhood’s safety.

School District

Schools can definitely affect the value of a home for sale in Manhattan. While it might not seem like something that individuals without children should be concerned about, the quality of the school system can affect the resale value of your home.

If your kids who attending the neighborhood school, there is more to consider than the specifics of your school district. How far is it from your desired property? And how will this affect your schedule, if you must drop them to school everyday.

Access to Key Amenities

Moving to a new neighborhood, and then realizing that you must take a long drive to access key amenities can be quite frustrating. You should find a home in an area where you can easily access shopping spots, restaurants, dining areas, entertainment centers, and the many recreational opportunities Manhattan has to offer.

Future Development

Future Development

Whether living in your new home is a short or long-term plan, it is important to understand your community’s future. The best way to check for future developments is to contact the local planning office and see what is currently on the books.

Even if nothing is planned that would directly affect your property, development can impact the overall look and feel of a neighborhood, and ultimately, property prices. Therefore, familiarize yourself with any upcoming development plans.

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