Find the Best Use of the méduse pendant light Now

There are lamps for spaces for relaxation and relaxation, a warm yellow lamp will do much better. The méduse pendant light is the right choice in this case.


The material with which the luminaire is manufactured also affects the quality and intensity of the light, as well as the aesthetics of the environment.

The glass, acrylic and crystal luminaires are perfect for those who need a broader lighting, as the light can completely pass through the glass.

Metal models, on the other hand, are ideal for creating illuminations with that intimate and welcoming touch, since the light diffuses only through the opening of the luminaire. For those who prefer a more diffused and mild light, the lamps with fabric dome are the most suitable.

Pendant lamp in the bathroom

The bathroom and toilet are among the best places in the house to have a pendant lamp. In this case, prefer to install the piece next to the mirror to create a cozy lighting.

Pendant lamp in the corridor and in the entrance hall

Both in the corridor and in the entrance hall, the pendant lamp has a great aesthetic and decorative effect. In the corridors, a good option is to use the lamps in pairs or trios suspended in the center of the ceiling. In the entrance hall, the pendant lamp looks beautiful next to a sideboard.

Pendant lamp in the kitchen

In the kitchen, the best place for lamps is on the food preparation counter and on the counter or island. In the first case, install the lamp about 1.50m from the bench. For the second case, the recommendation is 0.70 cm to 1 m in height.

Pendant lamp in the living room

The best places for the pendant lamp in the living room are on the coffee table and next to the sofa. In the central position, install the piece about 1.50 in height from the table top.