Top Qualities Of A Good Plumber In Singapore 

Plumbers are very significant in our society. We often face many problems related to water in our home. For instance, leaking of a pipe, clogging of drains or toilets, defects in water heaters, breaking of taps, installing a tank, and the list is unending. It is the plumbers who rescue us from all these problems every time.

Qualities A Plumber Possesses

In every profession, some qualifications are essential. The plumbers also need to possess certain qualities, which show how good they are in their work.

Certain qualities that one can get, in the topnotch plumbers of Singapore, are given below-

Certificate Of Qualification – The plumbers should be an expert in fixing and repairing the pipelines, taps, tanks etc. To become a plumber, one needs a license and certificate in Singapore. It shows that they know the work. And have acquired the skills required to do the task. The plumbers, to get the certificate need to pass a state-approved test. They should also have some experience. The rules might vary from one country to another.

Two Types Of Plumbing Work

Plumber SG is of two types- water service plumbing work and sanitary work. The former refers to the work related to installing, repairing, laying, replacing water pipes, taps, tanks and fitting of drinking water supply systems. The latter is the work related to sanitary discharge pipes and sanitary appliances. Installing or changing and relocating sanitary piping system, toilet bowls etc.

The License In Singapore For Plumbing

The plumbers must have a PUB Plumber license. In Singapore, in 2018, the laws related to qualifications required to become a plumber were revised. According to the new scheme, only one license is given to both water service and sanitary plumbers.

To get the license, the plumber needs to fulfil some of the criteria. They need to pass some exams and acquire some basic knowledge through a few courses. They need to have the following qualifications:

  • In plumbing and pipefitting, a Builder Certificate/ Advanced Builder Certificate.
  • Otherwise, they can also have, Trade Diploma in Plumbing Technology issued by BCA academy.
  • Or Nitec in Facility Technology/ Nitec in Built Environment/ Higher Nitec in Facility Management, provided by the ITE.


  • A Degree in Civil, Building, Environmental or Mechanical Engineering with a Builders Certificate in Plumbing and Pipefitting.


Two years of working experience, and with proof that the individual has worked under the watch of a plumber who has the state license. Only then a candidate gets the chance to attend a three-day course. PUB conducts this course. Once the candidate completes this course, he/she is eligible to sit for a written and viva exam. The candidate will get the plumber’s license only after passing the exam.

  • Years of experience- Another crucial quality that a plumber should have is experience. Many people often prefer to call a plumber based on their experience of work. The work experience shows how well they are capable of performing the work.
  • Have good problem-solving skill- The plumbers need to work in very confined places sometimes. Also, they need to make some quick decisions keeping everybody’s safety in mind. Therefore a plumber should have a better quality of solving a problem.
  • Possess basic mechanical skills- The plumber should also know basic mechanical skills for their work.
  • Communicates well- An essential quality of a plumber is to communicate well with the people. It helps them to understand the issue properly. They should also behave well with the customers. This helps to create a good image of them over the customers.
  • Looks after safety- The plumber should also look after everybody’s safety and then work.

All these are just a few qualities that a plumber should possess. The top 5 reliable plumbers in Singapore have all these qualities. It helps them to provide a good service related to plumbing to the people living in Singapore.

Sanitary Works That Anyone Can Do Without The License

Qualifications are essential to be a plumber in Singapore. But this does not mean that a person with no such qualities is not allowed to do the plumbing work. A person with a license in plumbing still can do few works related to it:

  • Underwater Service Work, They Are Allowed The Following-
  1. Replace or remove a tap or replace and remove the shower hose or a showerhead connected to the tap. Connect a hose to a washing machine or dishwasher etc.
  2. Replace or remove any flushing cistern parts, like any flushing mechanism or a flexible hose after the ball valve.
  3. Replace or remove a pipe between a stop valve and water heater.
  • Under Sanitary Work, They Can Do The Following Things-
  1. They are allowed to replace, remove and install a sink, bottle trap, fitting trap below the sink, bathtub, shower tray, floor waste outlet and a pipe carrying sullage water.
  2. Replace floor trap cover or floor waste cover.
  3. They are also allowed to install, replace and remove a urinal with a fitting trap or pipe connecting the urinal to a urinal trap.
  4. They clean a blockage in-floor trap, sanitary appliances etc. Or any ventilating pipe, discharge pipe, drain line, fitting, floor trap, inspection chamber, pump, grease trap or anything related to sanitary appliances and facilities related to sanitary in a sewerage system.


Therefore before calling for a plumber, you should look for the afore-mentioned qualities and qualifications in a plumber. However, during a time of emergency, it becomes impossible to check all these. Therefore, in such cases, it is easy to call a plumber from a good company. In Singapore, many companies send professional plumbers to your home. They respond very fast. They have plumbers who possess the qualifications required to become a plumber. These companies also give you discounts. They do not charge anything extra. The plumbers carry all the necessary equipment needed to work. You can get hold of them online. They listen to the queries of the customers. And their services are worth mentioning.