Where can you use small carpets in different places around your living space.?

Walking all day in high heels and closed shoes can be a tedious task, which is why nothing can beat the cosy and warm feeling of removing your footwear and placing your feet on a warm carpet. The satisfaction that you feel when you jump onto your bed at the end of the day is similar to having the softness of the carpet feel on your soles. 

If you want to make your house a “home sweet home”, the perfect way to do so is by laying down a nice small carpet. For those who don’t have the budget to invest in a full-fledged carpet or a rug, you can start with a smaller one. A carpet is more than just a nice feeling under your feet. Let’s not forget the protection it offers your flooring, thus reducing the maintenance of your space. 

If you want to know where to install a small carpet in your home, let’s check out these best places.

  • In the foyer: The entrance to your house should make a great impact, which is why the foyer makes for the perfect place to have a carpet. A carpet in the foyer bids you a warm goodbye in the morning when you leave for work and serves as a wholehearted welcome every evening. It’s also a nice accessory to impress your guests.
  • In the living room: The living room is the perfect place to showcase your creativity which is why a small carpet deserves its very own space here. You can place it right in heart of the living room, like under the coffee table. You can invest in the carpet which suits your mood and matches your personal style and the overall decor.
  • In the bedroom: A small carpet in the bedroom is just the kind of little subtle pampering you need for your feet. Place it right ahead of your bed and imagine the kind of warm and cosy feeling your feet will get every morning when you jump out of bed and every night before you snug into your bed.
  • In the kitchen: If you often get tired from standing long hours in the kitchen while cooking, cushion your feet with padded carpets. Don’t worry about the carpet being stained and your money going down the drain because there are many non-fibre carpets available for the kitchen.
  • In the dining area: If your dining and drawing areas seem to blend because they’re in the same room, you can distinguish the two by placing a small carpet under your dining table and chairs.
  • In the bathroom: If you have a large bathroom and want to get the feeling of a luxurious spa, place a small carpet at the bathroom’s entrance or just outside the shower area or the bathtub. It also prevents you from any slip and falls because once you step on them, they will soak up all the water dripping from your body.

These are the best places to have a small carpet installed in your house.