4 Glaring Signs of Bad Professional Cleaning Services in Singapore

When hiring professional cleaning services in Singapore, be careful which companies you plan to hire. Scammers have plenty of tricks which can fool customers into wasting their money.

Fortunately, here are 4 signs you need to watch out for when searching for residential cleaning services. Continue reading this article to know more.

1. Incredibly Low Prices

One of the oldest tricks scammers use to fool customers is the unbelievable price they set for their so-called services. However, it can be troublesome to assess when something is suspicious if you lack references. Therefore, you should always compare prices among different companies to gain an idea of the average cost to expect from, for example, carpet cleaning in Singapore.

2. No Permanent Address

Legitimate businesses, especially those that provide services like mattress cleaning in Singapore, should have a permanent address you can visit anytime. Generally, you can find this information on their website or by contacting them.

Therefore, it should be a cause for concern if the company you intend to hire has no address. Without one, they are likely scammers attempting to rob you of your money.

3. Lacks Professional Tools

How can you expect quality service from a company that offers residential cleaning services if its workers lack professional tools? The answer is no. You cannot hope to receive satisfactory results from people who have no access to the appropriate tools to fulfil their job.

4. Workers Have No Insurance

Since the future is uncertain, you never know when an accident might occur while workers are busy cleaning your home. It doesn’t matter whether they are providing upholstery cleaning or disinfection services in Singapore. Insurance assures you that you and the workers will have sufficient protection when something happens.

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