4 Different Ways To Blend Antique & Modern Furniture Items


Whether you are deciding to buy your next wooden dining table or modern dining chairs in Singapore, it’s often exciting creativity to mix and match different furniture styles. Perhaps you might wonder how you can blend your antique furnishings with newer, modern-looking ones.

Well-matched old and modern furniture can create an intriguing visual layout for your area—whether you have a sintered stone dining table or a rustic sofa. So, how do you blend to bring a strong sense of harmony and balance to your home interior? Here are a few helpful tips you can follow:

1. Use large antique furniture in small spaces

Playing with your antique furniture proportion in small spaces can help diminutive areas to appear larger than it is. Whether you are planning to buy a vintage chest of drawers in Singapore with a steel cubed lamp table, you can complement your space with a large furniture piece to act as an ‘accent.’

2. Work around with the lighting

Believe it or not, lighting is another determining factor to make your old furniture blend well with new ones. Having the right lighting fixtures can work well on a number of surfaces, especially those reflective. Think of chandeliers or glass walls. So if you’re buying a mid-century-looking shoe cabinet in Singapore in a contemporary-designed space, be aware of the lighting fixture.

3. Make use of a colour combination

Blending and mixing old, vintage furniture with modern, contemporary one is also about making a good contrast. Therefore, you should think about the colour palette apart from the proportion and surface. If you can’t, picture two vibrant shades that compete in dominance, like sky blue and yellow or green.

4. Use repetitions wisely

You can always rely on using repeating patterns rather than creating too many disparaging layers and styles, which only make things too cluttered and disorganised. Cohesion and harmony are the keys to blending antique with modern furniture. Whether you plan to buy a wooden dining table with modern-shaped chairs, you can bring them all with a common scheme and material.

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