What To Expect From A CCTV Drain Survey

Checking your drain condition is a crucial job. Knowing the condition of your pipes can help you prolong their life. The best way of carrying a drain survey is with a CCTV camera. It helps you check the inside of the pipes, and you can later correct the problem-causing pipe.

However, to carry out drain inspection cost money, it is better to learn when you need to go for a survey, and what goes into the survey. In this article, we will tell you everything you should know about the CCTV drain survey.

What exactly is a CCTV drain survey?

In a CCTV drain survey, you use a CCTV camera and screen to check the drainage system. Using technology like CCTV helps you check the inside of the drainage system, which is an effective way of conducting an inspection. You get a good view of the pipe inside on-screen in real-time and pinpoint all the issues in your drainage system.

When And Why You Should Go For A Drain Survey

When You Are Buying A New Property

Whenever you go for purchasing a new property, you need to perform a drain survey that helps you to check the health of the drain system. The survey helps you to know if your drains of new property are in good shape or not, which helps you avoid any future cost of repairing.

To Check The Sewer Blockages

Not only new property owners but also tenants and homeowners need a drain survey to get rid of ongoing drain blockage problems. Trouble causing drain needs to be repaired immediately, as it can lead to health hazards.

Equipment Used In A CCTV Drain System

To conduct a CCTV drain survey,  a technician use range of tools, which helps to provide a good look at the inside of your drain system.

Following equipment are used in a CCTV drain system:

·        Waterproof Cameras:

The CCTV camera use for the drain inspection is a technology that can withstand the flowing water and fit into tight spaces. The camera must operate underwater and provide a clear view of your drains.

·        Access Rods:

The Access rods are a flexible rod that helps you to push the camera inside the drainpipes. They can navigate the camera on the tight turns and corners.

·        Crawlers:

With remote-operated crawlers, you get visual access to the inside of your sewer system. Also, crawlers help with mobility, even in block pipes.