What Is the Work of an Interior Designer in Condo Interior Renovation in Singapore?  

Whether you check homes, offices, stores, restaurants, or factories, you cannot deny that an interior designer’s work is vital in shaping the flow and lives of the people who live or work there. Great interior design is an idea that benefits homeowners and managers in various ways. You can live sensibly and work more efficiently with an interior designer at the helm of your renovation or construction project. You may have home renovation ideas you want to add, but only an interior designer can fulfil them.

Before you embark on your construction journey, you must set aside the task of finding an interior designer. The professionals you hire can design many spaces depending on their speciality. Some are more attuned to commercial spaces like hotels, offices, or retail outlets, others have specific styles they like to work with, yet others take on more industrial roles and build commercial facilities for businesses.

Homes are one of the most common areas that interior designers work on. Not every homeowner may want an interior designer, but you can easily tell if one has helped in the design of their house. Let us step into the role of an interior designer and find out what services they provide.

The role of an interior designer



An interior design specialist is not a person you want to miss hiring when you are creating your home, even if it is ‘only’ a small apartment or condo. An interior designer could help you create beautiful, functional designs while paying attention to your space’s size and other details. It is arguably more crucial to condos than larger homes because of their limited space. If you are working on a condo renovation project in Singapore, an interior designer will work with you and benefit you in many ways. Here are a few reasons why you might want one.

1) Consultation on colour palettes and themes

You can do many things with colours in a condominium. Bold and bright colours, soft pastel ones, themed wallpapers, contrasting colours, and painted artwork are just a few choices that every new homeowner has to choose from. Consulting an interior designer might make the choice a lot more painless. They can tell you which ones work with your current batch of furniture or recommend some choices based on your style preferences and other factors.  Do not be dismissive of their ideas; they are there to help you make a more cohesive interior.

2) Budget planning and direction

Hiring someone to manage your budget may sound counterintuitive to many people, but it makes sense as a homeowner. The average homeowner does not know how much labour, materials, and space management are. You can make inquiries to interior designers about your dream condo or home and how much the total budget will be. Once you have your answer, you have an idea about the complexity and expenses of your interior design project. You can then make modifications and set a ballpark figure for your budget.

3) Negotiation over prices of labour and other project necessities

Speaking of the prices of your condo interior design project in Singapore, remember that nothing is set in stone for interior designer clients. Many interior designers sustain a large network of contacts, ranging from those that work in lighting and fixtures to those working in construction. They may even work with suppliers of raw construction materials. When they maintain a good business relationship, they may get the chance of obtaining discounted prices on products and services.

4) Implement space-saving techniques

Condominiums have smaller living areas than houses, which makes the task of finding enough space for everything you need in the home a bit challenging. If you do it yourself, you might end up with a cramped home that makes you feel more suffocated. But with good interior design, you can have an open home that feels the right amount of cosy. Slow down and listen to the interior designer’s home renovation ideas in Singapore to get inspired. Do not be afraid to ask them how you can balance your space with storage units and multipurpose furniture.

5) Selection of furniture

When moving to a new home and you will not bring any old furniture with you, interior design professionals can be the help you need for browsing the countless furniture choices you have. Furniture is much more important than you think– they are where your guests may sit when they visit your house. They may be what your guest first sees or uses. If it is messy, uncoordinated, weak, or uncomfortable to use or look at, they may judge you or you may feel regret after buying it. Let an interior designer help in narrowing down your choices for furniture. Sometimes they may even find good deals and bargains better than the furniture or accessory you have been eyeing.

6) Coordination with architects, contractors, and other people

Adding to the 3rd point of this list, you need to let your interior designer work well with the architects and contractors you choose. They need to work with them closely to ensure that your final drafts of your interior design project go according to plan. Remember that a condo renovation project in Singapore requires many hands to finish building. Over the weeks to months that your project is active, you will see your interior designer busy communicating with you and relaying your requests to the other specialists and professionals working on your project.

7) Rough designs and drawings

Perhaps you do not have a clear vision in mind or you cannot describe what you want or need to your interior designer. An interior design service perfect for your situation is rough drafts and concept drawings of your descriptions. Interior designers excel at conceptualisation.

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