Top Certified Moving Companies in the USA

While planning to move to another city, state, or country, it is very important to choose a certified moving company. It is the certificate provided by the movers that indicate the reliability and professionalism of the team you choose.

It is worth noting that some moving companies are trying to deceive customers by providing fake documents, or they are trying to do everything not to show a certificate that they do not have. We have prepared several points so that you can easily determine the legitimacy of the company:

  • Trust moving companies are always online. They have their own review website, social media pages, and so on. If the company is not online, then you should think about its reliability.
  • According to FMCSA, moving companies are required to provide a free calculation of your move. At the same time, they should announce the estimate not by phone, but in your home.
  • An equally important indicator that the company is legal is the DOT number, which every mover should have.
  • You also have the right to require Proof of Certificates. Don’t forget to check all directories on BBB.

What does the certificate indicate?

In general, a certificate is needed not only for moving companies but also for every business. For some companies, this document helps to become a member of organizations, gain the recognition and trust of customers.

If we talk about movers, then the presence of a certificate indicates that this company is recognized as reliable and highly qualified. Obtaining a certificate is a rather long process and if a company has this document, it can mean only one thing – these movers are really legal companies ready to provide services to clients at the highest level.

Top 5 Certified Movers

  1. Moving APT – this company, like any other, started with a small number of people and two trucks. However, a few years later, it has become one of the most trusted moving companies in the United States. IT also has a certificate and a DOT number.
  2. United Van Lines – The company is ISO certified. In addition to certificates and licenses, this company always puts the customer first. The team of specialists always tries to make the client feel comfortable during the move.
  3. Mayflower – for many years the company has proven its freedom of loyalty to the client, providing everything necessary during the move. Also, it has a ProMover Certificate from AMSA.
  4. North American Moving Services – ISO certificated. The company has always tried to improve the relocation process so that customers can see high-quality and fast results.
  5. FlatRate Moving – the mover is licensed for almost all types of transportation. Just like the previous companies, it has all the necessary certificates and licenses.


When choosing a team of movers, don’t rely on chance. Always weigh the pros and cons, carefully check the information about the moving company. Be aware that as a client, you have the right to ask any questions of interest and concern, as well as demand to present certificates, licenses, and other necessary documents. Analyze and make the right choice – and then your move will not give you unnecessary trouble!