Four Reasons to Leave the Granite Installation Job to the Professional

Natural stone countertops like granite, marble, and travertine have a classic beauty that cannot be matched. Although it is quite simple to care for natural stones, you may underestimate how difficult it can be to install comptoir Granite au Sommet and other natural stones correctly. Natural stone slabs can be expensive, so you must trust the installation job to a professional. The following are the reasons you must not install granite countertops yourself:

Professional Installers Ensure Countertops are Supported and Level

Natural stone installation requires making sure everything is lined up. Professional installers understand how to adjust the slab to make sure it fits properly. Although some countertop materials can be easily placed on top of the counter and glued in place, natural stone is quite heavy and must be supported. Usually, installers of granite countertops use rebar and reinforcement to make sure they do not crack under their own weight.

They Provide High-Quality Results

DIY countertop installation can lead to incorrect grout work, uneven slabs, cracks or stress fractures, and visible grout lines. These mistakes can cost you more money than what you originally planned for. If you don’t want to pay more money later for fixing problems that arise because of poor installation, ensure you pick an experienced installer. 

They Perform the Job Properly and Quickly

Installing your own granite countertops can become a time-consuming process. Because you don’t have the necessary experience, you may need to consult manuals and how-to guides each step of the way. A professional granite countertop installer will get the job done right the first time in a timely way. Thus, you can get your kitchen back and enjoy your properly installed countertops sooner than later. 

They Use the Right Tools

Installing granite countertops can be quite complicated if you have cut-outs for sinks and appliances. The same is true if you need a backsplash or have complex design features such as odd angles or pop-up ventilation. Professional countertop installer is used to heavy lifting and have experience with balancing and supporting stone. Also, they use a range of materials and tools to complete their job. The installation job may require the use of filling tools, a power saw, drills, and a belt sander. Also, your project may require an installer who has plumbing and electrical knowledge for hooking your components. Professional installers can also cut your granite in your home when necessary using the right tools and skills.