Escape Discomfort: Why Ridgewood, NJ Is The Ideal Destination For Relocation

Choosing a place to call home, especially in New Jersey, can be a daunting experience. But if you’re considering relocating to Ridgewood, you’re on the right track since it is one of the most desirable neighborhoods to live in New Jersey. From its convenient location to the exceptional homes for sale in Ridgewood, you can’t help but want to reside in this charming area. In addition, Ridgewood provides a perfect mix of natural beauty and gorgeous architecture, making it an ideal destination to enjoy an elegant lifestyle. Here are 5 reasons to make Ridgewood your new hometown.

Ridgewood’s Strategic Location

Nestled in Bergen County, Ridgewood is only a short-drive from the vibrant New York City. Besides, this vibrant town is surrounded by tranquil outdoor spaces ranging from parks, nature preserves, and country clubs. The easy commute in Ridgewood enables residents to access most of its neighborhoods and the nearby cities. For anyone planning to commute to New York City for work or leisure, the commute is 25.6 miles. Thankfully, reliable transportation systems, including trains and major roads like the Garden State Parkway, provide easy commutes to residents.

Year-Round Outdoor Recreational Activities

Living in Ridgewood offers various outdoor activities in both summer and winter. Although this idyllic town is luxurious, several parks, nature trails, and plenty of green space exist. Explore the nearby Saddle River County Park and enjoy cycling, walking, running, and basking in nature. To learn more about your new town, visit the Ridgewood Historical & Preservation Museum. Here, you will see local artifacts that exhibit the ancient history of Ridgewood. The Gypsy Pond Park, on the other hand, facilitates a hiking and biking trail, a dog park, and a serene pond for enjoyment and relaxation. After a sightseeing trip, you can delight in the local culinary scene in the local restaurants.

Ridgewood Real Estate Market: A Family-Friendly Atmosphere

Ridgewood stands out among New Jersey neighborhoods, providing a family-friendly environment. While your ideal Ridgewood neighborhood depends on your needs and preferences, each community offers a unique charm and character. From the Downtown Ridgewood and the Old Country Club to the View, each area is structured to provide residents with a family-centric atmosphere. The nearby schools, parks, and kids-friendly recreational spots will meet your family’s needs year-round.

Low Crime Rates

If you’re looking for a town with peace of mind and low crime rates, look no further! Ridgewood is ranked among the safest cities in New Jersey and the entire nation. This is the neighborhood where kids can walk to school or play around without worrying about safety.

Ridgewood Real Estate: A Diverse Housing Market

The unique thing about Ridgewood real estate is that you will find well-preserved historic homes and new constructions. Surprisingly, even the historic homes are designed and updated for modern living. On the other hand, new construction properties in Ridgewood feature intricate character details, unique exteriors, and spacious front porches. Despite your home preference and budget, you’ll find many options in the Ridgewood real estate market.

Finding Your Ridgewood Dream Home With Catherine Bossolina

Many homes for sale in Ridgewood feature beautiful outdoor views and easy access to the city. However, if you seek to enjoy a flawless homebuying process amidst competitive buyers, collaborate with Catherine Bossolina. With long-term experience and extensive knowledge of the nuances of the Ridgewood real estate market, Catherine will help you find a perfect place to call home in Ridgewood. Sign in for your homeownership journey by contacting her team today!