Do Termites Eat Tasmanian Blackwood Furniture?

Termites are the second most common insects on the planet. Although they play a crucial part in maintaining ecological balance, they feed on practically everything in their path, including people’s residences. They are notorious for inflicting billions of dollars in terms of damage throughout the globe and over a hundred million dollars in Australia every year.

There are about 2,000 identified termite species, and just a couple of them are considered pests. The majority live far away from human habitation, but some are a part of it. A colony comprises reproducers, soldiers, and labourers—each having its own function. But do they attack all types of wooden furniture, particularly those made of Tasmanian Blackwood? This post will discuss the problem, “Do termites eat Tasmanian blackwood furniture?”

What Kind of Wood Do Termites Prefer to Eat?

Termites may eat almost any wooden object in or near your house. They might begin with the frames of the windows and doors and work their way up to the beams in the roof and landings. Boxes on the floors and paperwork on shelves may also be targeted. Aside from those, they will even damage electricity lines and different cables along the route.

Moreover, they can devour a whole beam or baulk, including its heart. They will finally leave nothing but an empty shell if they are not stopped. For instance, subterranean termites were seen devouring almost any type of wood. Yes, this includes Tasmanian blackwood furniture, Tasmanian oak buffet, and other forms of treated hardwood. Although they can consume nearly anything with cellulose if necessary, they have their tastes.

Furthermore, termites are digesting the wood from the inside out, attempting to be as inconspicuous as possible so that they may feed in peace without being disturbed. A colony has an infinite lifetime since its members (including the queen) are continually replaced. The colony can flourish and spread as long as there is something to eat on. Even though they leave some hints, you should act if you detect them.

Is Your House Safe From Termite Attack if It Is Made of Hardwood?

Australia has a diverse range of hardwood trees that are durable and sturdy, so it’s no surprise that they are employed in constructing houses. Many individuals are surprised to find that some termites in Australia prefer to eat hardwood. One of these is the Nasutitermes, which derives its name from the Nasute troops. This implies it has a long and unique snout that aids in the destruction of hardwood. Coptotermes and Schedorhinotermes are two more species that devour it.

How Do You Prevent Termites From Attacking Your Tasmanian Blackwood Furniture?

Even if your house is built of hardwood, such as Tasmanian blackwood furniture, it is not termite-proof. Thinking this way and then doing nothing might be a costly error in the long run. 

You could believe that removing the infected source of wood would solve the issue. This method may work for termites whose whole colony is contained inside the wood, but it does not work for subterraneous termites. Their colonies lie underground, and they only come to the surface to seek wood.

If you remove the damaged wood, you will only kill a tiny portion of the colony and not the whole. Others will move on to the next victim. So, call a pest control firm as soon as you discover any signs of a colony, and they will assist you in getting rid of it before it does more damage to your home.


Why Shouldn’t You Rely on Facts Instead of False Information? 

The adage “if you can’t even drive a nail into hardwood, there’s no way termites can devour it” is a myth. Don’t depend on incorrect information. Conduct your research, but most importantly, consult an expert.

Tasmanian oak buffet, a hardwood, is even utilised in some bait stations intended to attract and subsequently exterminate termites. Insects undeniably consume it. Unfortunately, homeowners with hardwood floors sometimes skip their regular termite checks because they believe they are safe. This might be a major blunder, causing more economic harm than the tiny expense.

If your house is infected right now and you don’t examine it for another two years, they’ll have plenty of time to harm many wooden sections in your home.


Tasmanian blackwood furniture has a distinct warm brown tone with gold and chocolate brown accents. This one-of-a-kind and beautiful wood is endemic to Australia’s southern and eastern regions. Although it is hardwood, termites might eat them.

So, contact a professional pest control firm with more than a decade of expertise when you see the first signs of a termite infestation. They carry out their job in accordance with the best industry standards, and they provide solutions for all types of buildings, whether they are commercial, residential, or corporate.

After thoroughly checking your whole property, they will determine whether or not termites are destroying your Tasmanian blackwood furniture. They will act if they discover any colonies or nests.

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