Best Preventative Measures For Bathroom Mould

Best Preventative Measures For Bathroom Mould

Bathroom mould is a prevalent issue in buildings, particularly in locations where humidity and moisture levels are high and airflow is restricted. It’s prone to water-related issues like mould and mildew since moisture collects there. Black mould, for example, is common in showers because there are so many locations where water may collect and hide. Mould growth left untreated can aggravate allergies, create respiratory issues, permanently damage grout and sealant, and be ugly.

You can keep this problem under control by utilising solutions that destroy mould and prevent future mould growth. You have the option of using store-bought or natural cleaning products. Everything you need to know about eliminating black mould from showers and other bathroom areas is here.

Why Should You Avoid Toxic Cleaning Products? 

While certain cleaning solutions effectively remove a wide range of messes, they are not always designed with the user’s (or the rest of the household’s) health in mind. In addition, many of these items include compounds that are hazardous when inhaled and toxic when consumed.

The solution is to use natural mould cleaners to get the job done without causing any more issues. Natural cleaners are generally non-toxic and eco-friendly. They are frequently easily available and simple and inexpensive to use. Consider using natural cleaners instead of more harsh measures when deciding on a cleaning solution for a minor mould problem.

Mountain Fresh is a blue, slightly viscous liquid with a fresh aroma made from natural organic ingredients. This product effectively cleans, disinfects, and deodorises washrooms, showers, floors, walls, toilet bowls, ceramic urinals, and stainless steel sinks.

Mould regrowth is inhibited by using this product as a repair treatment. It works well on tile and grout cleaning. Mountain Fresh comprises organic acids with anti-fungicide and anti-mildewcide added for optimal stain, fat, and soil removal. It’s also great for getting rid of rust, scale, and uric acid build-up.

  • a powerful cleanser and sanitiser
  • Germs smells and mould is all killed by this product.
  • Rust and calcium build-up are removed.
  • It cleans and sanitises the bathrooms.
  • Bottles of 1 litre and 5 litres are available.

This product contains a high level of acidity. Avoid coming into touch with your skin and eyes. Aluminium, terrazzo, polished stone, marble, and other surfaces that may be acid reactive should not be used with this product.

How To Prevent Bathroom Mould

How to keep black mould from growing in your bathroom

After you’ve gotten rid of the mould around wide spread bathroom sink faucets, you’ll need to maintain it regularly to keep it away. Mountain Fresh, sprayed on washroom surfaces and left to air dry, kills mould spores and prevents growth. Ensure the bathroom has adequate ventilation, and if it doesn’t, add an exhaust fan. After showering, clean down the shower with a cloth or squeegee if possible. Finally, clean the bathroom once a week with your chosen cleaner and once a month with an antifungal cleaner. While bleach is commonly used to destroy mould, it typically only kills top layers and bleaches them to a pale colour, giving the impression that the mould has been removed.

On the other hand, Mould spores may survive, resulting in rapid regrowth. Therefore, the mould must be destroyed down to spores level and removed for effective removal and management. Protective clothes should be worn when employing acceptable chemicals to protect the skin, eyes, and lungs.

Mould prevention entails keeping surfaces and the air dry, promptly removing liquids, eradicating microorganisms, and disinfecting. In deep cleaning or flood scenarios, carpet cleaners frequently employ air movers to speed up drying. After cleaning, they use Biosan or other biocidal mould agents to kill any remaining bacteria. Dehumidifiers are used to remove moisture from rooms and cupboards. As indicated by the water level building in the tub, simple moisture absorption canisters in cabinets extract moisture visibly.

Some chemicals are biocidal and GECA-approved, while others are chlorine-based bathroom mould cleansers. To discuss mould remediation, contact Rapid Clean Newcastle at or (02) 4908 2333.