Why frosted Christmas tree?

When Christmas time comes first thing, we think about is the Christmas tree. Everyone can’t get the real fir tree from the forest and regular cutting of the tree will make to deforestation. At the same time, we can’t quite keep the Christmas tree too. It gives the real meaning of Christmas. The Christmas tree, decorations, and lightning will bring happiness to joy to our home.


Then how we can get the Christmas tree? Here comes the solution that is frosted Christmas tree. It gives the real feel of the tree. Bring a wave of peace to our home. The tree is about 7 feet tall and brings a gorgeous look to the home. Each branch is hinged with care so it gives a realistic feel. 

What are the features present in it?

The frosted Christmas tree consists of the following features. They are,

  • The tree is about 7 feet tall so it gives an admirable look. So everyone will attract to this.
  • 2128 tips are present in the tree to hang the decoration items.
  • The girth width is about 144 cm. So, it makes the tree stand steady.
  • The branches are hinged. So, it gives the natural feel of a real tree.
  • The metal stand is used we can use at any time. It won’t get eroded. 
  • It is insect-free, so we won’t get an allergy to the tree.
  • Fire safety to use. Even the electrical leakages won’t cause any damages to the tree.
  • Easy to foldable and lasts for long-time usage.
  • The base is designed with rubber so won’t cause any scratches to your floor. 
  • Easy returnable within 30 days and money also refunded.
  • Free door delivery. Once the order is placed with 3 to 5 days the product will deliver to the home.
  • Excellent customer service. You can feel free to contact us between Monday to Friday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

How it is useful for our home?

During the Christmas Eve it is used a lot and even we can use for decoration purpose too. The 7 feet frosted Christmas tree gives cheerfulness to each person in the family. The lighting makes our home colorful. Each day with the frosted Christmas tree will bring a new meaning to our life. Once the usage is over, we can fold the tree and place it back on the box. It won’t shutter their leaves or damage any parts of the plant. Valuable for money and can be used in any season to decorate your home.

Where we can place it?

A frosted Christmas tree needs to be placed on the indoor section of the house. We can’t place it out due to its lightweight. Some small animals can damage the tree easily. It is specially designed for indoor usage and gives fulfill look to the home.

How to arrange the tree?

Each instruction about the arrangement of the tree is explained clearly. The tree is divided into three sections and branches are found separately. We need to assemble each section into a huge tree and insert the branches in their respective place. Now the tree is completed. It is easy to dismantle too.