What to Know When Planning a Home Sauna Construction by Fechner

What to Know When Planning a Home Sauna Construction by Fechner

As homeowners, you’ve surely invested so much in properties since your children will inherit these someday. This is why some parents prepare various construction projects, such as pools, gardens, saunas, and remodeling as well. Through this, property value will rise, which would be a great idea when you’re planning to sell your house in the future.

Going back to those projects, you’ll surely enjoy the luxury of obtaining a small sauna indoors or outdoors. Having this means that you can relax and steam anytime you want without having to wait in a long queue. Reservations for a room aren’t easy because many people would like to have access as well, so the shops are often fully booked.

This is the primary goal why some homeowners prefer to install one at home. However, you have to look for a trustworthy contractor who can help you decide on the design and materials. I suppose you’re familiar with Fechner, thus, you may check them out for their sauna installation services.

What’s a sauna?

It’s a room for individuals who want to sweat in a comforting method. There’s usually a bench inside where you can relax as heat at a certain temperature penetrates your body. The rooms usually heat from 70 to 100 degrees Celsius or 158 to 212 degrees Fahrenheit.

With this, your body temperature may rise to 40 degrees Celsius and 104 degrees Fahrenheit. The relative humidity level inside is usually 10-20%. This is why your body naturally perspires.

Designs may vary and this will depend on your preferences, especially when built at home. People love to steam bath for various purposes, and this could be beneficial to their bodies.


  • Regular sessions are required to reduce your stress level. That’s because it promotes relaxation and aids in releasing your endorphins.
  • The heat produced can improve blood flow and circulation, thus, enhancing your cardiovascular condition.
  • When you sweat, toxins and other forms of impurities are flushed out from your body. It aids in unclogging pores, exfoliating skin cells, etc. With this activity, you’re detoxified, thus, rejuvenating your skin.
  • It helps your sore muscles to relax and alleviate pain in the joints.
  • With this, white blood cells production will rise so it’s a good way to boost your immune system. Click https://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Leukozyt for further reading.


1. Traditional

To feel the classic style, you may use wood when heating rocks. This aids in making the room temperature high and low level of humidity.

But today, electric heaters are used to still experience the authenticity of the saunas. It’s an ideal option for individuals who like heat to be more intense.

2. Infrared

Here, you’ll be using infrared light to keep you warm. But this one is designed with lower temperatures and the humidity level is lower.

Though it’s energy-efficient and can heat the room faster. If you’re sensitive to high temperatures, then this should be your choice since it will be gentle on you.

3. Steam

With a high level of humidity, you’ll need to install steam houses. This one will require you to heat water so that it can produce a steam bath.

It’s an ideal option for individuals who are suffering from respiratory conditions. You’ll enjoy this if you prefer mist heating.

4. Outdoor

You have to install this outside your house. It could be near the garden, pool, or backyard. Thus, adding value to your property.

The designs may vary and depend on your preferences. You may go traditional, infrared, or hybrid.


Type of Wood

Clear cedar is what you’ll need if you want a darker finish. Indeed, it’s the top choice among woods. That’s because it earned the highest grade, thus, it’s also expensive – click this to learn more.

But if you’re on a tight budget, you may choose a knotty cedar. You’ll surely achieve a rustic experience with your sauna. This is an ideal material when you want to mount it outdoors.

Most residents prefer hemlock due to its light color that can go along with the panels. It’s a good choice if you’d like to minimize the natural odor of lumber.


You may either construct them indoors or outdoors. Well, it depends on your available space and on its measurements. Don’t forget your drive to take advantage of this small project at your place.

What’s more important here is to ensure that there would be good drainage. You’ll be using water so electrical wires must be safely installed. When using electricity, the power source is an essential consideration, though you may go solar as well.

For customized ones, you can always set them up based on the space provided. Always think about how it would be convenient for you as the user. Therefore, set this up wherever it is appropriate.

Additional Features

Your primary purpose is to relax, but sometimes, sitting without doing anything can be boring. That’s why you may add extra features to enjoy this relaxing moment. In this way, you can boost the experience.

  • It will always be more relaxing if we can spice up the environment with scented candles or essential oil diffusers.
  • Chromotherapy lighting can be added as well to promote the environment’s relaxing ambiance.
  • If you like playing music, then you should be mounting speakers. We have Bluetooth, anyway, so playing your list from the phone would be great.
  • Overheating must be prevented; thus, you should have a timer for your daily sessions.
  • Don’t forget the furniture, such as a rack or shelf for your garments.