What is the Benefit of Using Rat Flap?

Rats have been one of those animals from whom people fear a lot. The most disappointing thing is that the rat carries some infectious disease. Apart from all this they also bite some of the electrical installations and are also responsible for damage to the drainage pipes which are not repairable. So the best way by which you can control them is by restricting their entry inside the house. One way this could be done is by installing a 4 inch rat blocker into the drainage pipe. The reason behind installing it in drainage pipe is that mostly the rats enter into the house using the drainage pipes.

Let us understand what this rat flap is all about and whether it is beneficial for installing in your home or not. On a survey, it was found that rat flaps are highly effective as they completely restrict all the rats to enter from the drainage pipes. But before you could enjoy this benefit of rat flap you must install it in all of your drainage and sewage pipes. The best part of installing the rat flap is that normally it will remain closed but when there is any flow of water it gets opened. Thus, you can understand that anything is allowed to pass from inside the house but the opposite is not at all possible. You can install a rat flap based on the size of your pipe whereas, it has been noticed that most of the time 110mm rat flap is being installed.

The rat blockers are designed in such a way that it doesn’t allow the rats to travel through the drains and installed pipes into our house. Moreover, the rat blocker allows the rats to pass freely downstream but upstream is completely restricted. So the main benefit of this rat blocker is that once you install it in all the segments of drainage and sewage pipe, then the upstream branches will be completely protected. You can purchase the rat blocker as per your convenience; if you want then you can also prefer purchasing from the online store. But before purchasing one thing that you need to consider is the size of the drainage pipe. The reason behind it is that the drainage pipes are the only place where the rat blocker will be installed. Thus, you need to purchase one that best matches the size; most people prefer purchasing the 4 inch rat blocker.