What Causes Water Heater Failure?

When the months get chilly, you might use the water heater more often than usual when taking a bath. The best tankless water heater can supply you with an endless flow of hot water, but as time goes on, it might begin to wear. Aside from constant use, why could your multipoint water heater fail?


A common issue with Water heater systems beloit wi is the presence of rust on their metal components. Your pipes and valves might accumulate excessive rust, eating away at the metal until it forms cracks and leaks. Rust may also contribute to contamination, often appearing as discolored, smelly water.

Sediment Buildup

Eventually, minerals may start accumulating and clogging your water heater’s pipes. This forces your unit to work twice harder, causing corrosion and loud rumbling sounds from the heating elements. To keep sediments from forming in your water heater, flush it regularly.

Old Age

It is a no-brainer that an aging water heater will most likely encounter problems ranging from corrosion to dysfunctional components. Depending on the model, most water heaters may last up to 12 years, but some may require repairs or a total replacement earlier once it shows signs of damage.

Poor Installation

The durability and efficiency of your water heater rely on how well it was installed. If your water heater is improperly placed, it may result in dangerous risks such as gas leaks, electrical shorts, and possible tank explosions.

Damaged Thermostat

While your heating element works fine, your water heater may not produce hot water. A broken thermostat or cut-off switch often causes this. You can purchase a replacement for a low price, but it is better to hire a professional.

Loose Components

Your water heater may not function if there are any loose parts. Loose components can lead to leaks from the heating element, so if you notice any rickety nuts and bolts, try tightening them. If the problem persists, contact a professional to fix it for you.

Do you think your Water Heater is Damaged?

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