Top Window Designs to Revamp Your Home in 2022

Windows connect us to the outside world from our home. They bring sunlight and air inside to keep our home well-lit and ventilated. Shapes, sizes and styles of windows determine a range of things, so you need to be careful while choosing windows for your home.

If you are from Ringwood, take a look at the top window styles that can revamp your home.

Table of Contents

  • Arched Windows
  • Skylight Windows
  • Casement Windows
  • Egress Windows
  • Hopper Windows
  • Picture Windows
  • Round Windows
  • Jalousie Windows
  • Bay Windows
  • Closing Thoughts

Arched Windows

Arched windows add a distinct architectural look to your home. These windows have rounded tops and typically do not have opening and closing mechanisms. So, they are often installed above regular windows that facilitate ventilation. However, some arched windows open similar to casement windows.

You can install these windows with double or triple glazing depending on your requirements. The designs can also be customised, and usually, they are made up of multiple glass slats, while some are also available in wood or vinyl. These windows are perfect for warm climates, and they also let in ample sunlight and fresh air into your interiors.

Skylight Windows

If you’ve limited wall space in your home but want to attract more natural light inside, a skylight window is a great option. Skylight windows adore your roofline and add a distinct architectural look to your home. On proper installation, these windows provide excellent insulating properties.

During summer, Australia receives an additional 7% of solar UV intensity. So, remember to get a tinted or low-E coating for these windows to protect your home from excessive heat and UV rays.

You can get skylight windows both in fixed and operable designs. Advanced electric skylight windows open and close using a button without manual operation.

Casement Windows

A common window choice for homes, casement windows are attached to the frame using the hinges on the outside. You can swing these windows open to the up or the side. So, the windows are constructed of solid glass, providing a clear, unobstructed view. They also facilitate sufficient ventilation, particularly during summer.

The glass panes in these windows are fixed in a rabbeted frame and then sealed using a glazing compound or putty to secure the glass. You can install casement windows in your living room, kitchen and bedroom as they let in enough light and air, so make for a preferred choice for many rooms. They are also easy to clean and need low maintenance.

If you are looking for window cleaning in Ringwood, you can contact leading window cleaning contractors and know about their rates and services to choose the best out of them.

Egress Windows

Egress windows are typically large as they are installed usually in basements for entry and exit during emergency situations. Also, due to its huge structure, an egress window allows unparalleled natural light and air inside. It even enhances the overall square footage of your house, increasing its value.

As these windows are installed in basements and now come in a variety of designs, they do not spoil the visual appearance of your house. However, you may need to excavate an area to properly install an egress window.

Hopper Windows

Best for any room with limited wall space, hopper windows open inwards from the top and generally crank open to tip down. As these windows use compact spaces efficiently, they are best installed in bathrooms and basements. Unlike egress windows, hopper windows in basements are used for facilitating ventilation.

They also provide excellent insulating properties because they seal up against their frames when closed all the way. These windows come in a double pane model due to the weight of the sash.

Picture Windows

If you want a clear, panoramic view of the faraway mountains from your home, you might want to install large picture windows. Picture windows are stationary, so they don’t open. However, they can be coupled with other window designs to provide flexibility. These windows are simple in structure and can be customised into bigger ones.

As picture windows are tightly sealed at the edges, they offer fine weather coating. You can install these windows in your living room and bedrooms to get a nice, serene view. These windows are also easy to clean.

Round Windows

Round windows can instantly catch the attention of anyone who visits your house. These windows also have similar designs, such as half-round, oval and elliptical. A round window can be fused with other window designs such as transom or picture to provide a striking look to your home.

These windows allow more natural light and are generally installed in kitchens or on walls along the stairs. Although these windows come in fixed designs, you can customise them to make them operable for ventilation.

Jalousie Windows

Also known as louvre windows, jalousie windows have parallel glass, wooden or acrylic louvres all fixed in a frame. That’s why these windows open and close like a set of blinds. Simply cranking the lever tilts the slats to the side, creating a series of gaps for light and air to pass through. Sometimes these slats fully open up, offering an unobstructed view.

Jalousie windows are a good choice to enjoy light showers. The slats prevent rain from entering inside while making way for cool air to come in.

Bay Windows

People mostly prefer installing bay windows in their kitchens or living rooms to get a nice, panoramic outside view. These windows make your rooms appear spacious as they protrude outside with inside angles usually of 90, 135 and 150 degrees, forming a triangular bay. They can be either in a square or polygonal shape.

The whole structure of a bay window consists of a centre window with two side windows on either side. The side windows are either double-hung or casement. You can choose between wood or iron options for a bay window and add an ornamental look to your home.

Closing Thoughts

Pick out one or more of the above window designs as per your requirement, style preference and budget and take the aesthetic appeal of your home to the next level.