Sarasota’s Leisure List

Sarasota’s Leisure List: Top Picks for Fun and Relaxation

Situated on Sarasota Bay, Southwest Florida, Sarasota is popular for its nature parks, sandy beaches and museums. The city offers an incredible coastal lifestyle for Sarasota residents and has lots of things to do for even visitors. This is why the waterfront homes for sale in Sarasota are highly sought after by home buyers looking to enjoy the peaceful coastal atmosphere. Are you planning to move to Sarasota, but you are still trying to figure out what to do? Here is a guide on some of the top things to do.

Go For Kayaking Mangrove Tours

One of the top things to do in Sarasota is go for a kayak tour as you discover the twisty mangrove trees. The thought of paddling through tree mazes rising from the ocean with only gentle splashing of paddles and birdsongs disturbing the peace is amazing. Experience the thrill of nature as crabs and fish swim in the clear waters and the hungry cormorant birds dive for a meal.

Hike in the Myakka River State Park

Next on the list is hiking at The Myakka River State Park, the largest and oldest park in Florida. The park has a unique collection of different habitats, such as rivers, wetlands, prairies and lakes. The scenic river is home to turtles, alligators and ospreys. Take a boat tour and experience the incredible bird and wildlife species. You can also enjoy fishing, biking and kayaking.

Sarasota’s Leisure List

Visit the John & Mable Ringling Museum of Art

Everyone from nature buffs and architecture to art enthusiasts will enjoy exploring the John & Mable Ringling Museum of Art. The museum is home to some of the greatest cultural and art collections in America. Discover Asian arts, antiquities and lots of artifacts and paintings by Old Master artists. It offers original reproductions of art and architecture from the classical Greek, Roman, and Renaissance eras that will leave you feeling like you are traveling to the past.

Explore the Sarasota Farmers Market

If you love fresh local food, then you will find it all at the Sarasota Farmers Market. The market is usually open on Saturdays and offers everything from locally grown vegetables and fruits, arts and crafts, deliciously baked goods, gourmet dinner items to homemade soaps. Here, you will have a taste of the local organic juices, espresso coffee, chips and more.

Lido Key Beach

As a coastal town, Sarasota is home to some of the coolest beaches in the U.S. Lido Beach, located less than five miles from the city center, is a must-visit for beach lovers who like hunting for seashells. The beach has scenic white sand, calm waters and ample space for families. Several recreational amenities like picnic tables, shops and eateries are also available. If you need to stay overnight, you will find some of the best resorts and hotels here.

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Ultimately, whether you are looking for family- and kid-friendly activities, on a budget, an adult’s night out, or something for a few hours, Sarasota is the place to be. If you have been impressed by this coastal city and are looking to own a home here, Kim Ogilvie can help. Kim is an experienced real estate agent familiar with the Sarasota housing market and has helped many clients buy luxury homes in Sarasota. Give him a call today!