Oak barrel as a great Christmas gift

We all love the holidays and sincerely look forward to them. But what holiday is complete without gifts? How pleasant it is to receive and give presents! Anybody will be pleased with a sign of respect, attention, and love from relatives, friends, or colleagues. Giving gifts is no less sweet feeling! And honestly, how we want to see a sincere smile and even pure delight on the face of the recipient when we give presents. But every now and then, on the eve of a celebration or a festive event, we puzzle our heads, run shopping, and do not know how to choose a gift.

Real oak barrel – a gift that will not leave indifferent any man! Whether it is a colleague, brother, husband, matchmaker, son, grandson, grandfather, uncle, or just a respected and loved one. So why you should buy oak barrels for a holiday like Christmas?

With the help of the oak barrel, the lucky owner will be able to make exclusive drinks, which can not be bought in any store in the world. Through the process of extraction of oak, tannins and other unique components are transferred into the beverage with the obligatory participation of oxygen. All substances and trace elements, moved from the oak wood cask, with the participation of oxygen, take part in a variety of chemical transformations, the result of which is the formation of aroma, color, texture, and taste.

Why an oak barrel would make an excellent gift:

  • The owner will be able both to prepare and store unique drinks.
  • The gift will perfectly suit both the respectable and wealthy gentleman and the ordinary man from the street.
  • Versatility of an oak barrel. You can make both alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages in the oak barrel.
  • Oak Barrel helps to clean the distillate from aldehydes, oils harmful to the body, this eliminates the adverse effects of alcohol and a heavy hangover.
  • Without Oak Barrel you cannot get the real cognac, calvados, whiskey, and bourbon.
  • Will be useful in any scenario, even as a wonderful part of the interior of the house, apartment, office, bar, etc.
  • Many years (dozens of years) the barrel will please the owner with his favorite drinks.
  • Memory for many years. Believe us, the owner of the oak barrel will always be happy to see the person who gave it to him and treat him to an excellent drink of their own production.

When you buy oak barrels, do not forget to find the right faucet. It will be needed when the person bottling in smaller containers. And for constant use of the cask during the whole period of whisky infusion, an oak stopper can be used.