Need new kitchen cabinets? Consider these pointers!

The whole purpose of kitchen renovation is to enhance aesthetics and function. Besides the other key components (such as flooring and countertops), you have to decide on cabinetry, which can be confusing. There are literally countless choices in materials and finishes, and the installation service can also make a big difference to the final look. In Quebec, companies like Armoires de Cuisine au Sommet offer custom cabinetry options for contemporary homeowners. With a team of designers and décor experts to guide, you can avoid the common mistakes. In this post, we are sharing more on pointers to consider for choosing kitchen cabinets. 

  1. Determine the resale value. Many homeowners often ignore the resale value of their investment while choosing cabinetry. If you intend to own the house for years to come, a more durable material should be your immediate choice. For someone who has been flipping homes every couple of years, cheaper alternatives can work too. 
  2. Create a scope. What do you wish to achieve with kitchen renovation? Many buyers are just interested in getting a new look for the kitchen, and they don’t mind retaining some of the cabinetry they already own. Just a fresh coat of paint, and your new cabinetry is ready. In other words, determine the scope of the project in advance. 
  3. Think of appliances. A functional kitchen must have all the necessary appliances. For renovation, you may want to reimagine how these appliances are placed in the kitchen. For instance, built-in appliances are trending everywhere right now, and the basic idea is to keep clutter out of sight. 
  4. Discuss the layout. If you are working with an installer, do discuss the layout. You cannot always use cabinets as you imagine, because factors like electric connections and plumbing must be considered. Talk to the installer about your vision about the eventual layout, and they can come up with ideas. 
  5. Create a ready mix. There are varied styles in kitchen cabinets, and you have literally dozens of choices for hardware. Find a local installation service, which can add versatility to your cabinetry. For instance, open and mirrored cabinets are in vogue right now, so you may want to have a few spaces to show off your crockery and glassware. 

There is no one solution that can work for every home and kitchen. Work with a team of designers and installation experts, to find the right ideas. Besides trends, the choice of cabinetry is also dependent on your personal storage and organization needs.