Most Expensive Places to Buy Property in Singapore

Singapore is expensive even if you are a property cash buyer. It always will be, unfortunately. In 2019, it was found to have been the second most expensive place to purchase housing in the world, right after Hong Kong, and this is partially due to that fact that the entire country is a sprawling metropolis. Singapore’s only city is Singapore itself, but if you’re thinking of purchasing property there, it serves to know which areas are the cheapest, and which the costliest.

  1. Tanjong Pagar

What was once a fairly price, middle-class neighbourhood is now known to be one of the top 5 most expensive places to buy property in all of Singapore. The majority of housing here consists of high-brow, luxury apartments the go for around 20 million Singapore Dollars (£11 million) each. Of course, there are some in the area that can cost up to 100 million Singapore Dollars, but much of these are still under development.

  1. Sentosa Island

Thanks in large part to the Universal Theme Park on the island, along with the subsequent massive amounts of tourism, Sentosa Island remains one of the most expensive places in Singapore to buy property. It’s not impossible to find some affordable housing here. In fact, many do, but the pricier options you’ll find can cost your about 25 million Singapore Dollars (£13.7 million). It’s a pricey place, but it promises entertainment with sandy beaches and gorgeous sights to behold.

  1. Orchard Road

This is something of a commercial paradise, and thus an expensive one too. It’s become renowned in Singapore for being a shopping centre district, where you can find and buy just about anything. Property included! Although, much of it is private. And the pricing of that property ranges upwards of 30 million Singapore Dollar (£16.5 million) per property. The prices may be high, but if you’re looking to buy a place in a commercial district, this is one to be watchful of prices around!

  1. Holland Village

Another centre of calm lifestyle and luxury living is Holland Village. Even in a bustling metropolitan masterpiece of a city like Singapore, the avant-garde lifestyle is a well sought-after one, and there’s no better place to experience it than here. It is, however, second on the list of most expensive places in Singapore, so the price is a foreseeable downside. Property prices in Holland Village can range between 30 million-45 million Singapore Dollars (£16.5 million-£24.7 million), depending on the property.

  1. Marina Bay

Marina Bay is known throughout Singapore to be the most expensive and most luxurious area in the whole city. People come here seeking leisure and high-priced housing, with the majority of property costing upwards of 40 million Singapore Dollars (£22 million). It’s by no means a place to purchase property if you’re looking to lower your expenses as much as possible, but if what you seek is comfort along with sights and sounds that cost million to see, then Marina Bay is the place to go purchasing. The most expensive district in Singapore.