Looking for commercial architects? Don’t miss these aspects!

A commercial project, such as an office building or a distribution center, can be inherently challenging to develop and design. As the investor, developer, or someone in charge of taking the project ahead, your first task is to find a commercial architectural firm that can be entrusted with the project. In Montreal and surrounding areas, firms like Stendel Reich commercial architects have done awesome projects, and they have worked in different industries and niches. In this post, we are sharing some of the aspects that must be considered when you are comparing different commercial architects. 

Portfolio and work profile

When it comes to commercial architecture, the work of a firm is enough to review their expertise. Check what kind of projects they have done so far, if they have experience in your sector, and what kind of challenges they have tackled for other clients. Comparing commercial architects would be easier when you look at work before anything else. 

The team

In every firm, there is a team of architects doing the work at various levels. There will be senior commercial architects developing the design, while juniors often take forward the communication with clients, once the project has been approved. You need to know the team that will be working on your project. Check individual profiles, collaborative work experience, and how each of them may contribute to your project. 

The promises

Every commercial architect may have a hundred things to say about the work they do, but make sure that you don’t rely on promises alone. Allow the firm to come up with ideas. Floor plans, layouts, and the initial meetings are extremely important. Sometimes, you may need many meetings before a company can be selected, while in other projects, an architectural practice may just fit in. 

The approach

Designing a data center is very different than developing a retail office. There is a huge difference in how varied commercial projects shape up, and the approach to the job differentiates one architectural firm from another. Make sure that they can align their work experience for the needs of your project. 

Finally, ensure that you discuss your requirements, project challenges, and other aspects in the first meeting, so that the firm knows what to expect right from the initial stages. That will help your business too, as you are hiring a practice that is taking the job, knowing all the relevant concerns.