Investing in a new condo is a good idea

Buying a property can be complicated. It pertains to a lot of planning and research since it is one of the largest financial judgments of your life. One of the main factors that influence this conclusion is the type of estate you need to invest in and the course of building involved. 

There is no doubt that area plays a huge role while investing in a property and opting for a District 9 area that promises fast appreciation is your best chance. The rate of urbanization is very high in these areas which captivating investors like a moth to a flame. Maintaining this in mind, it is a nice idea to invest in a recently launched condo. So, if you are investing in real estate to enjoy high returns and fast fondness then opting for a new launch will be your wisest decision. Looking for a new launch in District 9 locality? Check out and get yourself registered, if you also want to catch introductory discounts and extra benefits, which you ever wanted to, have by owning a new launch condo. 

New launches are one of the most-preferred projects for enterprises due to the abundance of advantages they give. Here are a few of them:

Best options available within your budget

You get the early bird benefit of selecting the specifications of the estate once you narrow down on the property you are investing in. For example, in a gated society, you have the comfort of agreeing on between a penthouse with a stunning view or an easily-accessible flat near the lobby. Hence, your options are extra varied. You can also choose the ground and the number of rooms you need as per your preference due to the comparatively larger number of empty units.

Early Bird Discounts

One of the largest boons of investing in new launches is the wide latitude of early-bird discounts you can get. Real estate projects happen in levels. Before the opening of the building, property developers start encouraging the project with impressive discounts for the buyer. A minimum of 10-15 % off is offered at the introductory take-off. Sometimes this can reach up to 20% for those projects that are still in the design phase. In most cases, homebuyers can save up to 30% of the total price of the estate. Additionally, the demand for the property boosts at the development level. This automatically affects the increase of the estate rates.

Get it customized

You have the chance to customize the formats of the rooms according to your satisfaction and comfort. At the prelaunch stage, it is easier to make small differences that are similar to the basic configuration of the property. Since the development is still in the preliminary stage, you can also decide on the wall colors, flooring, and furniture requirements, and plan accordingly.If you’d like professional condo designers, you can check out for more ideas or engage their service. Once you take the supervision of your flat, it is comparatively difficult to make alternations.

Pay with Ease

Opting for a loan is the simplest direction to finance your real estate dreams, especially because of the wide range of tax benefits. To take off the responsibility of EMI from the shoulders of the investors, real estate creators have introduced creative strategies.