A bathroom is that place of our house from where we emerge refreshed in body and soul, ready to take on the day with a confident smile. It is also the space where we retreat into, for a relaxing shower before retiring peacefully to a sound sleep. Therefore, it is important that the bathroom should evoke positive energy with a soothing ambience. In this article, we will share with you some ideas for designing a contemporary luxury bathroom. omkar alta monte

Printed wallpaper looks classy

Choose an area of your bathroom and cover it with classy looking wallpaper with a majestic design, to give your master bathroom an elegant and designer appeal. Even though bathroom wallpapers are coated with vinyl and are waterproof, make sure that you install them in away from heavy water usage areas like washbasin, bathtub, shower area etc. omkar alta monte malad east

Transform your bathroom into a spa

You’ve always loved the spa-like bathroom in the resort on your international vacation right? Well, you can create a similar ambience in your own bathroom with a stylish combination of sensual mood lighting and exotic indoor plants. Strategically place luxury bathroom lighting next to the stylish vanity mirror and see the mesmerising effect it has on the ambience of your bathroom.

Convert your bathroom into a beach resort

Experience the feeling of bathing in the bathroom of a luxury beach resort by adorning the bathroom walls with different sized beach art. For sure, you will feel you’ve checked into a boutique hotel! The paintings could feature white sandy beaches to swaying palm trees, along with fabulous aerial shots of the blue sea.

Add some designer towel rails

Why hang the towels on a staid looking towel rail when you can transform your bathroom into a designer aqua lounge with copper or silver coloured extra large round towel rails, that will add an element of class to your bathing space.

The majesty of marble

If your budget permits, there is nothing like doing up your full bathroom from top to bottom in ultra-premium Italian marble. A marble bathroom oozes opulence, sophistication and luxury from every inch. If the ceiling of your bathroom are high and it has large windows, then opt for light coloured marble with sparing intermittent design. For a classic ambience, team up the marble with pearl white sanitary ware.

Features and patterns lend a designer appeal

Give your bathroom stylishly unique look by beautifully combining classical luxe elements like a free standing bath and a mirrored wall with imported colourful patterned floor tiles.

Colours add that special touch

Make your bathroom resemble a luxury haven by choosing the right colours which give it a majestic look. We suggest you go for an innovative bluish pink shade and combine it with natural materials like marble an wood for transforming your bathroom into a designer aqua destination.

Double sinks are the way to go

If you are your spouse tend to use the bathroom almost at the same time for freshening up, we suggest you install luxurious double sinks so that both of you do not get into each other’s way every morning. A double sink also give a distinctly luxurious look to your bathroom and makes you feel as if you are in an ultra-luxury five star hotel.

Mirror mirror on the wall

In addition to enhancing the luxurious feel of a bathroom, a stylish super-sized mirror creates the illusion of a large space and make the bathroom appear to look bigger that it actually is. Position the mirror in such a way that it  reflects the mood lighting.