How To Plan our Baby Shower


Baby shower is a beautiful event for every soon to be mothers, it can be organized by the friend, sister, mother or mother-in-law of the soon to be mother. Here are tips to help you plan the Party.

Tip 1: Take Your Time: The Right Date For A Baby Shower

Having a baby turns your life upside down – especially if it’s the first. The birth will also be strenuous for the mother. The traditional baby shower occurs before the child is born, preferably with sufficient time before the expected due date. This is how the celebration works, even if the little one decides to be born a little earlier than planned. If the baby shower does not work out on schedule or due to premature birth, you can, of course, make up for it with the baby as the “guest of honor.” Ideally, however, you should plan the baby shower so that the mother-to-be can still enjoy the celebration as a time to herself.

Tip 2: Celebrate At Home Or Not – The Right Location For The Baby Shower

The traditional baby shower is usually celebrated at the mother-to-be at home to save her from the arduous journey in advanced pregnancy. All gifts are already on-site and do not have to be transported from A to B after the baby shower, and you have everything on site. However, if there is not enough space at home for a baby shower, you should look around for an alternative party room in good time. However, the location should be as close as possible; perhaps the apartment or house of a friend or the grandparents-to-be would also be suitable for the baby shower. Depending on the season, you can also move the baby shower to the garden where you can mount your party tents in case of change in weather. If you don’t have a gazebo or something similar, you can just Rent a pavilion, and you can start in the countryside. Alternatively, you can move the baby shower to a cozy café so you can have another friendly coffee chat with the girls.

Tip 3: Get Help Organizing The Baby Shower

It will be easier for you if you get help to make it easier for you. Therefore, if you are going to organize a baby shower, ask friends to help you, especially if you are the mother-to-be yourself. You can relax and bring in ideas for the baby shower, for example, what food there should be. Your friends can take care of the shopping, cook or choose a caterer who prepares and delivers the party’s menu. Your friends can also take care of the decorations for the baby shower. You can embellish your celebration with your decoration or order the decoration for the baby shower table from the catering service. But you can also make a suitable decoration for the baby shower yourself to make it particularly personal.

Tip 4: A Buffet For The Baby Shower – Everyone Brings Something

If you’ve decided not to hire a baby shower catering service, asking all guests to contribute to the buffet can save you a lot of work. So, you have to prepare a lot less and still have a colorful board with many choices. Make sure that the guests coordinate or make a list of who is bringing what. And don’t forget: The “mom to be” can, of course, express all wishes for the baby shower. For example, how about a buffet of all of the pregnant woman’s favorite dishes, including funny pregnancy cravings, so that the expectant mother gets her money’s worth.