How To Lay Artificial Grass On A Concrete Slab?

The laying of synthetic grass on a concrete slab is particularly simple, and it may not even require fixing when this surface is small; it will suffice to ballast the strips using heavy and fixed objects: planters and trellises. Follow our advice on how to lay synthetic turf on a concrete slab.

Install The Grass Strips

The first test in which the orientation of your future lawn is the most aesthetic is how the light plays on the strands has a big role in the visual rendering.

Start at an angle and lay your first length straight; the slightest irregularity will be visible once the laying is finished. Lay out all the lengths and make the necessary cutouts before placing the pre-glued joining strips, which allow invisible connections. This step is crucial for visually rendering the artificial lawn; the junctions must be neat. Put weight on the joined places so that there is good homogeneity at the level of the whole.

Leave it as it is until the next day; this will allow the lawn to lay down well, particularly because of the temperature, which will cause a slight expansion or retraction. In addition, concrete is a material that absorbs heat or cold, increasing these effects.

Fix The Synthetic Grass

As with any support, the synthetic turf is fixed only on its periphery. In the case of a concrete slab, fixing will be done in various ways:

Bi-component polyurethane glue is recommended for its high resistance to time and bad weather. You must glue the contours of the grassed surface 10 cm wide. Press the edge of the length for 30 minutes. On the other hand, do not put glue where the water flows!

The double-sided tape for synthetic grass can be used well for fixing synthetic grass on the concrete slab up to 20 m2. It will also be used to join the strips. It is weather resistant and quite suitable for outdoor spaces.

Once the synthetic turf has been glued to the concrete slab or gravel pathway grid, you will brush it with a brush broom to straighten all the fibers and obtain a perfect finish.

This is how to lay artificial grass on a concrete slab.