How to choose your Suspension?

Why settle for a sad bulb hanging from the ceiling when it is possible to magnify your living room, or any room in the house with an elegant light? The installation of an aim pendant lamp is particularly simple and instantly brings additional life to the premises. However, it is important to choose the right model, that is to say the one that will best suit your decor! Below are all the tips.

  1. What type of lighting?

The aim pendant light is generally considered to be the main light source in a room, as opposed to small accent lights like a bedside lamp or a floor lamp. As such, it is important to opt for lighting that is at the same time powerful, soft and homogeneous, designed above all to be practical and functional.

Dimensions and height of the suspension

For the sake of aesthetics and not to miss your decoration, it is essential to choose an aim pendant lamp whose dimensions are adapted to that of the room. Too common a mistake is to be too ambitious, and to select an imposing luminaire that will clutter the room excessively.

The total diameter of the pendant light, that is to say its width, should ideally not exceed 40 cm for a small room of less than 10 m². For a surface of 20 m², you can afford to go up to 50 cm. For large stays of more than 20 m², do not hesitate to show exuberance: an imposing black pendant lamp 60 cm in diameter can quite find its place.

Material and style of the pendant light

The structure and ornaments of an aim pendant light can be made from a wide variety of materials, and your choice will obviously have an impact on the desired decorative effect.

The metal models represent the ideal all-rounder for finding the perfect industrial pendant light: whether you have a preference for aluminum, brass or even copper flos aim light, most metal models have in common a sober and solid finish which will suit the most designer and contemporary interiors.

Which suspension for which room?

The choice of aim pendant light must naturally correspond to the philosophy and function of the room that will host it. In a living room or dining room, the decorative can take precedence over the functional, with a very imposing chandelier or with bold and airy shapes: a guaranteed “wow” effect for all visitors!