How to Beat the Heat During This Summer?

Summers have just made their entry and you will look for ways to beat the scorching heat. With the temperatures rising, people look for ways to save on the bills. If you switch on to a highly efficient air conditioner, you can save bills by almost 20 to 50%. Pair that with one of Cirro Energy plans, and you’ll have the chance to opt for a renewable energy plan that will both help you save the environment and cut your power bills by half. When the temperature goes higher, you are always in look for comfortable spot at home.

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Ways to beat the heat during summers

·       Using the thermostat to have AC savings

It’s best to turn the thermostat to 87 degrees when you are not home rather than turning it off. Lowering the thermostat will not make the room instantly cooler. This will only cause the system to run for a longer time.

You can use a programmable thermostat that will lower the temperatures to 78 degrees when you enter the home. Make use of ceiling fans to get the complete cooling effect of the conditioners.

·       Using shade to cut the cooling costs

The unwanted heat absorption in homes comes from the windows. With the sun out, close all the shades, drapes. To give added solar protection, use solar screens on the windows. Besides, this helps in blocking 90% of the sun glaze.

There are other kinds of shades like shutters, climbing vines, etc. You can use some natural shades to save the cooling costs. It turns out to be affordable in the end.

·       Using exhaust fans to beat the summer heat

The kitchens heat up the most during summers. You can cool down the kitchens by using the exhaust fans. You can use exhaust fans in humid areas like kitchens, bathrooms, etc. The fans help to draw out excess humidity from the rooms making them cooler. It also helps in reducing transfer to heat to other rooms.

·       Opting for the LED lights

If you are still using incandescent lights, it’s the right time to make a switch. The LED lights are energy-efficient without affecting the bills too much. The incandescent light consumes less energy and keeps the place cool. It’s best to keep the curtains closed in summers.

You can also install light-colored blinds to keep the sunlight from entering. Installing cellular shades keep 80% of sunlight blocked.

·       Eating healthy foods

In summers, it’s best to take light diet. Have lots of green leafy vegetables and fruits to keep yourself hydrated. Include mint in your meals to trick the body into feeling cold.


Dealing with summers can be very tricky. You should know the right ways of doing it. It’s best to keep yourself hydrated and wear comfortable and light clothes. Make use of smart technology to make you stay cool.