How Strong Michigan Eviction Laws Are Let’s Find Out

When people live in Michigan, most of them look for rental apartments. And in the case of rental apartments, both landlords and lenders have to maintain some rules.

What Are The Reasons A Tenant Gets Evicted?

There are a few reasons available for what the landlord lawfully evict the tenant from their house; those are:

  • Non-Payment OfRent:If the tenant stays in the property without paying the rent. If the rent is much late than the due date, the landlord can provide a 7-day notice.
  • Causing Injury To The Property:if the tenant goes beyond the rule of wall color or furniture or causes damage to the apartment.
  • Creating Health Hazard:it’s a situation that is dangerous to people’s health.
  • Illegal Drugs:having drugs in rental apartments is unlawful. And when the landlord has proven the tenant regarding this case again, that can provide a 7day notice to evict
  • Lease Violation: if the tenant goes again the rules of the agreement and doesn’t correct the issue. Then they are charged with a 30 days eviction notice.
  • Trespass Or Forceful Entry:if a tenant forcefully stayed into an apartment or allowed trespassers.
  • Staying After Expiration:Staying in an apartment beyond their rental agreement is against the rule. The tenant can renew the contract, or the landlord can provide a 30days eviction notice to find a new place.
  • Just Cause:the tenant has to continue paying all the rents and other charges( if any) to the owners; they can’t use it for any unlawful purpose.

What Rules Do The Landlords Have To Follow?

  • The landlord can’t evict a tenant if they maintain all the rules mentioned in the agreement.
  • Suppose the tenant doesn’t cause any damage to the property and pays full rent payment. In that case, the landlord should give back the security deposit.
  • According to Michigan eviction laws, if the tenant finds a roommate and maintains the “jointly and severally liable,” they can’t evict the tenant.

The Procedure OfThe Eviction?

Firstly, the landlord has to deliver the 7-days or 30-days Eviction notice, and then, when it is still not fulfilled. Then the landlord can arrange the necessary paperwork and complain to the court. After t, there will be negotiations and justifying the case in the trials. And ultimately wait for the judgment.


The eviction law in Michigan is very proper, and the rules are nicely maintained. And if you need a rental apartment in Michigan, no worries. Just preserve and follow the rules mentioned in your agreement.