How Frequently Should Windows Be Cleaned in Singapore?

The task of cleaning your windows is a tedious task. However, we cannot deny that living or working in a space with dust and grime-free windows is very much refreshing. You do not have to worry about allergies or be bothered about hazy and smudged windows. And whenever you want to take a breather, you can take in outdoor sights without a dirty window stopping you.

The big problem with this, however, is that windows are very susceptible to stain and dust. And with some windows being so high up, cleaning them within short intervals will be very taxing. How often should one clean their windows? Here is what experts have to say about window cleaning frequency.

Residential Properties

Homeowners and renters should have a full interior and exterior window cleaning at least twice a year. Washing your windows in this frequency is generally enough to keep them clean while avoiding glass deterioration. Moreover, for those residential areas along busy streets, or with lots of trees and pollen, owners must clean their windows at least three times annually.

Your window cleaning will, of course, depend upon where your home is situated. This frequency will also be relative to how meticulous you are to living in spot-free spaces. Living in rural areas will have you cleaning more often. You can do it after every three months or once a month if your residential area is windy and gravelly. Meanwhile, owners in urban homes can clean their windows as sparsely as twice a year.

Commercial Properties

Owners of commercial properties like hoteliers and retailers should clean their windows at least once a month. Because windows of these properties are very prone to handprint smudge, and dust from the streets, they will have to be cleaned more frequently. This frequency is also enough to keep the facility and the people safe from disease-carrying bacteria and viruses that may cling to windows. As an owner of a building frequented by lots of people, ensuring the cleanliness of every corner is essential. Moreover, large commercial buildings or offices should have full external window cleaning at least twice a year.

Window Cleaning Services in Singapore

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