Framed Canvas Prints vs Edge To Edge Prints


When you are ordering canvas wall art or custom canvas prints, you may come across a usual dilemma whether you should go for edge to edge canvas printing or whether you should opt for framed canvas prints. Here are few points for your consideration that will help you make the right choice.
We have known framed pictures and framed photos for several decades now. Though there is nothing new about framed pictures, there is always something cosy about them. Picture frames helps you blend the picture with the background. When you use picture frames, you just need to worry about the right selection of the frames to ensure that it matches with the background and you need not have to worry about the colours in your photo canvas prints. However going for picture frames will add on to the cost of the canvas prints and the cost would vary depending on the size of the pictures.

On the other hand, printing canvas edge to edge will give your pictures more contemporary feel. Your picture will also run into the mounting frame creating a nice continuum. Here however, you need to choose your photos carefully so that the colours blend well with the background wall colour. The cost of this type of canvas prints will be relatively cheaper.

The choice is totally yours, you can go for contemporary looking edge to edge printing or for traditional framed pictures. If you choose to go with framed pictures make sure that your canvas printing company offers you enough choices for the frames and that the quality of the frames is good. Poor quality picture frames will damage the canvas prints within a short time. Order custom photo canvas prints in UK from a reliable company to ensure good quality printing and mounting. Your canvas printing company should make use of the best quality canvas printing supplies.

You will be able to order your canvas prints online and before you place your orders, you should check the online galleries to sample both framed pictures and canvas prints without frames to see what is more appealing to you. It is also important to order your canvas prints from an experienced company so that they will send your orders in safe packing. Only an experienced company will know how to pack framed pictures and photos without frame for safe delivery.

As you will be ordering your canvas prints not too frequently it is best to go with the type you like even if you have to spend some more money. If you like getting framed pictures then you should not compromise just because you will have to pay a little extra. Reworking on a canvas print to mount it on a frame will cost you more money when you get it done from your local store. So it is best to order something that you like to avoid making later changes that will only increase your expenses. We have both framed pictures as well as edge to edge printing.