Essential Articles for Moving: The Complete Picture

Take the pre-assembled box for the books and place it near the bookcase, then take the books from the shelves starting with the largest and place them in the box, taking care to put the heavier ones on the bottom and the smaller and lighter ones on top. Seal the boxes with adhesive tape and write the box number and the room in which the box will be stored.

Packaging of the bottles

The bottles, whether they are full, empty, half full, can be wrapped, one by one, in newspaper sheets and placed upright in the box that must remain open. Here, too, write the number of the box and the room in which the box will be placed. The movers denver services are there to help you out now.

Packing of the fragile

For boxes for fragile items on which the word “fragile” will be placed, the same procedure is used as for bottles, only that once filled they must be further protected by inserting a reinforcement that must adhere perfectly to the internal walls in order to make them more rigid. Plates and glasses: Once the box is ready, place a certain number of plates and sheets of newspaper on a table. To start, put two sheets of newspaper arranged in a cross, pack packets containing 5/6 plates making sure that each plate is divided from the other by a sheet of newspaper and arrange them in the box by placing them on the edge, i.e. vertically (we remind you that only the dishes go into the base of the carton).

  • After completing the first layer on the bottom of the container, continue creating a new surface with 2-3 sheets of newspaper. Continue with the glasses (it is advisable to pack the pieces individually and always place them horizontally) starting with the heavier ones, gradually rising with the lighter ones up to the top of the box with the coffee cups and saucers. It is very important that all fragile items are securely stowed in the box, to avoid any internal movements during transport. It is very important that all fragile items are stowed securely in the box, to avoid any internal movements during transport.

Packing of the clothes

You can ask us for special containers to store clothes leaving them with their hangers simply moving them from the wardrobes to our containers, tightening them as much as possible to make the most of the space but not so much as to crease them.

Packing of the paintings

The small squares, prints, photos and drawings can be packed one by one and collected in custom-made boxes. For the little ones it is possible to make packets with bubble wrap and adhesive tape and put them in the same box. For larger paintings, use bubble wrap instead. Seal everything with adhesive tape (if the picture has a glass in front, write the word \ glass “on the tape with a marker on the side where the glass remains).