Do You Know How Will You Detect the Presence of Cockroaches?

We all would like our home to be completely free from ants, cockroaches, spiders, termites, fleas, rodents, and bed bugs. However, it is very difficult to have a house completely free from pests, and particularly cockroaches are one of them. If they ever find any loopholes then they will enter your house freely.

The presence of cockroaches at home can always make us uncomfortable and prevent us to enjoy our lives peacefully. Usually, it is hard to know about their presence unless you see them. You will need the help of pest control Norman OK to completely eradicate them.

To detect the presence of cockroaches at your home you must look for the following few signs:

1.   Cockroach droppings

If your home is infested by cockroaches then they will leave a dust of their black droppings, which may look somewhat like ground coffee. Usually, they can be less than 1 mm in width and can be of many different lengths.

2.   Smear marks

If there are abundant sources of water then cockroaches will produce certain smear marks of brown and of irregular shape as they will crawl or rest. Look for their marks on horizontal surfaces as well as at wall-floor junctions mostly where they are very active.

3.   Egg capsules

Generally, these cockroaches will lay their eggs in a capsule called an ootheca, which contains multiple eggs. This ootheca is very distinctive for each different species of cockroach.

The majority of cockroach species will drop the ootheca immediately, however, German cockroaches will carry till they go for hatching, and then it will release around thirty tiny nymphs nearby.

The ootheca of any German cockroach has nearly 18 segments, and the brown-banded cockroach has about 8 segments. The American, Australian, cockroaches have not got any clear segmentation, but they have oval or circular raised areas just beneath the keel.

4.   Shed skin

Cockroaches may shed their skins about 5 to 8 times when they mature from the nymph stages to adult and also grow in size. Check to find these skins of different sizes in those locations where you are suspecting their presence.

5.   Damage

Try to look for any unusual damage signs, not only on your food packaging but also on organic goods and also in leather and books.

Unusual odor

Usually, cockroaches may defecate where they are sleeping and living. As a result, it will create an unpleasant musty smell and that becomes more intense when their infestation will grow further.

6.   Live cockroaches

If you suddenly turn on your light late at night then you might see live cockroaches. If you see such a sight then you must get in touch with an exterminator Norman OK to eliminate them.

Cockroaches are a kind of pests that you will never like to live with. They may cause fears and anxieties and also trigger asthma that is a very serious health concern. If you want to live free from them then you must call a professional from complete pest control OK.