Best Ways to Avoid Cancelled Bookings of Your Vacation Rental

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Tips for owners of vacation rentals

Nothing matches the sadness of a vacation rental owner when the bookings are cancelled. The chaos that accrues cannot be explained. Filling the dates on very short notice, losing revenue, degraded performance, etc are some of how guest cancellations will haunt your business. 

While some cancellations are begotten by unavoidable and inexplicable circumstances, some others can be evaded. If you experience more than one cancellation in a short time frame, then it is time that you analyse and re-look the business model and make good of the things which are forcing your guests to cancel the booking. 

Here is a list of actions that you can undertake to avoid future cancellations:

1 Help your guests to know what can they expect– in a majority of cases, cancelled bookings accrue because the customers mistake your vacation rental with their high expectations. These misunderstandings can be avoided by leaving no scope of interpretation for the guests. 

You should lay down clear and firm guidelines like whether children are allowed in the property, whether the property is pet friendly, whether parties are permitted in the premises, whether smoking is permitted in the place, etc. if you are clear on these guidelines and other similar issues, you would face fewer cancellations. 

Besides that, these guidelines must be in a visible place on the website. You will be expecting too much from a customer if you think that they will read everything on your website thus, make sure that these guidelines are in a place where that is conveniently visible to the visitors. 

2 Get in touch with guests when you receive booking– as soon as you receive a booking for the vacation rental, the best thing that you can do is to get in touch with the guest via mail, text, or a call. This will establish an interpersonal bond between you and the customer. The customer will also feel valued. 

Valued customers seldom cancel the bookings. Pleasantries like “thank you for choosing us” will work wonders for your business. you can also give the arrival instructions, and tips on the best mode of transport to reach the location. These gestures of care will fall under the hospitality and customer service of your business. 

3 Highlight the cleaning and hygiene measures– since the wake of the pandemic, people have become much concerned regarding hygiene. In such a case, you must ensure that not only do you take all the necessary measures of hygiene but the same is communicated to your customer too. 

More often than not, you will receive cancellation requests because of health and hygiene concerns. In such a case, you must highlight that you have undertaken all the COVID-19 safety protocols in the vacation rental. You must also ensure that the staff is vaccinated. 

You can also provide additional information to the guests before their arrival that whether you will be supplying them with hand sanitisers, masks, etc. 


Your hospitality will work wonders for your business. cancelled bookings are highly undesirable and if you follow the given tips, they can be reduced to a monumental extent.