Back to Work 2022: 6 Ways to Make Your Commercial Renovation Successful

The pandemic is starting to improve, and some companies are encouraging the hybrid work set-up meaning a mixture of work-from-home and on-site reporting routines. It is highly effective, especially since employees can do more things in their lives. Plus, going to the office is unproductive as it can cause more traffic and pollution. That is why it is highly encouraged to adopt the hybrid set-up so employees can go to the office during necessary times only, not mandatory. With the office season coming closer, you must look for a commercial renovation in Singapore to give your office a fresh look.

This way, your employees will feel excited to meet their co-workers. Admit that some workers feel comfortable working at home because they do not have to commute and wake up early. The idea of coming to the office may seem discouraging to some employees. For this reason, transforming your workplace to inspire the office set-up is an exciting experience.

Now, here are some ways to make your commercial renovation a success. Let the transformation begin by reading this article.

Tips for Commercial Renovation

Back to the office is coming near. Although the pandemic is ongoing, it is much better now than in 2020. There are now vaccines, and people are more knowledgeable about the presence of Coronavirus. And for sure, the corporate world will come back to the usual routine. As a business owner, it is your responsibility to make your office space look welcoming and pleasing to the eyes.

To do so, here are some ideas to improve your office interior design in Singapore.

1) Create Collaborative Spaces

Since your employees feel isolated for a long time, you can create collaborative spaces where they can mingle and bond. It is also excellent for new hires who want to know more about each other. When you look for a contractor, ask the professionals if they can include areas in your office like a meeting room, production area, and even pantry.

This way, the employees will feel encouraged to work with each other. As a result, the workers can finish the job faster, and it can avoid conflict or misunderstanding. Consider this when planning for your commercial renovation in Singapore.

2) Private Spaces

Of course, some employees want to work privately too. And so you can provide them with private spaces to concentrate more. Yes, some people work better alone, so be more inclusive when renovating your office interior design. Allot areas for people who want to collaborate and people who want to work alone. It can also help employees if they need to avoid interacting with other people for a long time in a private space.

Private spaces are also applicable for people who want limited distractions if they need to focus on a task. So, as a business owner, you can give them a private space for better work productivity. It can also be helpful when employees are working on a big project.

3) Consider Fun and Quirky Furniture

Office or retail interior design in Singapore does not mean you have to be serious all the time. You can also go for fun and quirky furniture. You can find colourful designs or unique looks to make your office look less intimidating. Plus, it can give your company a theme that will be memorable for your possible clients and customers. It is a trend that you can follow this 2022 because gone are the days when offices have to look the same with boring interior design.

You can also try other unique decorations like paintings, indoor plants, vases, sculptures, and sculpted letters. All in all, it can make your office look more professional yet fun and innovative. For sure, you can motivate people to go to work once the hybrid set-up is applicable.

4) Try Vibrant Colours

It is dreadful to go to the office every morning, especially on Mondays! The employees feel like they want to go home right away. What more if the office looks black and white? The employees will feel more bored and sleepy while working at their desks. Other than that, they will also feel like the world has no colour at all. To solve this problem, you can try adding vibrant colours to add some colour images to your employees’ life.

When choosing a wall painting, ensure it will go along with your office furniture and decorations. This way, it will look more organised and not a mix and match of random objects. It will only make your office interior design look messy and cluttered. So avoid this by matching the colours to your office furniture and decorations.

5) Install HVAC System

Since you need to protect your employees’ health, you need to install an HVAC system for better air circulation. On top of this, you also need to have some alcohol around the office. It is to prevent the spread of the virus. It is better to consider this for the reinstatement work in Singapore to improve the functionality of your office. Plus, you can protect the employees from getting sick.

You can prevent sick leaves and improve your work production daily. You can finish the job faster and improve your business performance with perfect attendance.

6) Upgrade the Restroom and Pantry

When the employees go back to the office, they stay most of the time at the office. Some even need overtime for additional work. For this reason, you must include upgrading the restroom and pantry in the commercial renovation project. Make it more spacious if you have many employees. Also, buy the needed equipment in the pantry like spoons, forks, and other kitchen utensils.

And for the bathroom, you need a lot of soaps, tissues, and alcohol. As such, you will be able to improve the work life of your employees. Hopefully, it will also improve employee retention in the long run.


Back to work 2022 should be exciting for the employees. Make it possible by partnering with CAD Associates that can help you with your commercial renovation project. Check their website to know how reinstatement work in Singapore can improve your office and retail interior design.