Axminster Carpets | Benefits of Axminster Carpets

The hand-weave design that gave rise to the Axminster carpet in the latter part of the 18th century in the old English town is the inspiration for their name. With its Custom Woven Carpeting Division, Floors continues the rich tradition of high-quality carpet weaving by offering the industry’s most adaptable and flexible.

Custom Axminster Program

In terms of value, performance, and aesthetics, woven Axminster carpet outperform all other flooring options on the market for architects and end users. The looms used to weave Axminster carpets offer distinctive color and design flexibility. Because each piece of pile yarn is woven into place, even the most complex and intricate designs can be created with high-definition and pinpoint precision.

Even though every carpet has a pile and a backing, woven Axminster carpets are different from tufted carpets in how they are woven. With Axminster looms, the pile and backing materials are woven together in one operation, preventing delamination, which can lead to bubbles, ripples, and premature product failure in areas with high traffic.

Each face yarn of the carpet is locked into place with the pattern woven through the carpet because the pile and backing are interwoven. Axminster carpets are purposely designed to withstand the wear and tear frequently associated with high-traffic areas thanks to this one-of-a-kind construction process, which provides superior durability and appearance retention.


Benefits of Axminster Carpets

Axminster carpets bring the luxury and sophistication of woven broadloom to the floor of any room in addition to their superior construction. The Custom Axminster Program’s woven carpets are capable of transforming the most imaginative flooring concepts into beautiful and practical realities, and they are equally at home in small residential areas as well as extremely large commercial installations.

The Axminster carpet collection’s key features and benefits include 80% virgin wool and 20% anti-static nylon for long-lasting beauty and extra strength in high-traffic areas; two-ply yarns skeined in vivid colors bring the design of the carpet to life; resilient wool-rich material with significant advantages in terms of value, durability, and appearance retention; great recovery after compression; absorption of harmful pollutants like sulfur dioxide and nitrogen dioxide, enhancing air purity; and aiding in the stabilization of the room’s thermal properties during times of high and low humidity through the absorption and release of moisture.

The superior performance characteristics of the wool-rich Axminster carpets, which are preferred by specifiers for sophisticated hospitality installations, make them ideal for interiors in luxurious hotels and resorts as well as more practical installations in public buildings, corporate headquarters, and transportation facilities.