Application Area of Kaltra Dry Coolers

Kaltra dry coolers for liquid are used for cooling liquid media outside air. The model range of Kaltra coolers is based on 7 heat exchange grilles, each of which can be equipped with fans with different rotation speeds: four-, six- or eight-pole. When installing fans with different rotational speeds, the performance of the coolers changes. Thus, for almost any cause and a liquid flow rate of up to 11 m3/h for oil and up to 25 m3/h for glycol, it is possible to select a “dry” cooler OSA to maintain the set temperature at the outlet.

The most common uses of Kaltra dry coolers are improving efficiency, increasing the number of options, increasing the intelligence of management, as well as:

  • oil cooling of refrigerating screw freon compressors. Oil separated from the refrigerant in the oil separator passes through the oil cooler, is cooled to the temperature set by the compressor manufacturer, and fed back to the compressor. A dry cooler is often referred to as an “oil cooler”. Oil coolers of screw compressors when operating on HFC, HCFC refrigerants usually operate in the mode of oil inlet temperatures of + 70 … + 95 C and oil outlet temperatures of + 55 … + 70 C. Oil outlet temperature control is carried out, as a rule, by changing the rotation speed of the oil cooler fans, as well as the organization of a bypass line between its inlet and outlet. 
  • cooling of aqueous solutions of glycols or water supplied to cool the liquid-cooled condenser or work as part of the “Free Cooling” system, in which in winter the coolant is cooled not in the refrigeration unit, but in the “dry” liquid cooler due to heat exchange with the surrounding air. In this type of application, “dry” fluid coolers are commonly referred to as “dry coolers”.