6 Types of Roofing That Roofing Contractors in Singapore Will Use

When we think about the basics of housing, we never think that one is complete without these things: A door, walls, and a roof. Even the simplest of houses will have all of them. Yet, they are overlooked because people do not think they are as crucial as the things inside their homes. And while the interior design is vital for any household, home construction will determine how protected your house interior is. Your roofing contractors in Singapore are your best friends in home protection.

Why does the quality of your roof matter so much?

Take a closer look at your roof. When it comes to house maintenance, many people rarely think about them. Most people only pay attention to their roofs during the construction process of their house and will not give them a second thought. They will only pay attention to them when they spot holes in the ceiling or witness leaks dripping onto their furniture.

When you have a good roof, you do not need to pay too much attention to it, but you may have to address it immediately when you have a faulty roof. Poor quality roofing can harm you, your family, and your property. Before you arrive at the point of no return, fix your roof when it gets damaged. Or better yet, construct your roof well in the first place. These solutions are how you can increase your roof’s longevity and ensure you can get the most out of your roofing.

There are things you must do so these goals may be accomplished. One, you must get a good roofing contractor company. They will help you by providing skilful roofing labour and checking if your roof adheres to the proper roofing guidelines and regulations. Two, you must find a trustworthy roofing and awning supplier in Singapore. Finding a good supplier will ensure your roofing materials remain reliable. And lastly, once you find a good supplier, you must pick great roofing materials for your project. Not every roofing material is suitable in every situation, climate, and environment.

Why do you need to choose your roofing material carefully?

A builder without the right materials can make something to the best of their abilities, but the outcome will be less than ideal. The best case scenario always involves choosing suitable roofing materials for the job. Roofing materials can affect the house’s internal temperature, make your home look gorgeous on the outside, protect you from the elements, and have special features that other roofing materials do not have.

Do not waste the chance to create a home that you can feel comfortable in. If you are wise about the materials you choose for your roof, you can go an entire lifetime without doing more than minimal maintenance on your home.

6 Types of roofing materials you can use


As you already know, there are dozens of materials that you can use for home roofs. Just look at the straw roofs of beach huts, to the wooden roofs of classic houses. Some even have metal roofing in Singapore. Let’s take a look at different roofing materials used in modern buildings.

1) Glass roofs

A glass roof might sound dangerous. Still, so many buildings nowadays employ glass roofs and walls for their exteriors. Glass used to protect exteriors are different from average glass interiors. They are thicker and contain special properties that prevent grime buildup and surface damage. Use this type of roofing if you want a roofing option that allows natural light into your space. They look beautiful on the inside when you want to look at the night sky.

2) Solar tiles

One of the newest inventions in roofing to date is the solar tile. Solar tiles are increasing in popularity amongst homeowners who want to reduce energy usage and also produce part of their energy from their homes. In sunny Singapore, a solar-tiled roof may be the perfect solution for buildings. Solar tiles can gather energy from the sun and help power part of your home energy consumption.

3) Slate roofs

A more expensive option might be the slate roof, which may get pricy because of the material type. These roofs can last more than a hundred years with proper care. They are also fire-resistant, waterproof, and resistant to mould or fungus. A slate roof will work best in a wet climate.

4) Aluminium composite panels

When you get an aluminium composite panel roof type in Singapore, you get one of the best bargains. They are composed of two aluminium sheets sandwiching a thermoplastic base. Strong, lightweight, fire-resistant, and possessing other attractive features, the panels are highly suitable as a roofing material option. They are also much more affordable than many other materials with their features.

5) Clay and concrete tiles

Clay and concrete roof tiles have similar properties. They can withstand damage from tornadoes, earthquakes, heavy winds, and more. That is why we see them in construction projects in almost every country, including Singapore. People also use them as roofing materials, and we can see the best examples in modern buildings. Clay and concrete do great in warm, dry climates— perfect for Singapore.

6) Metal roofing

Not to be confused with the aluminium panels and sheets from above, metal roofing in Singapore comes in different metal compositions, sizes, and shapes. Some are found in vertical panels, others in tiles, and some in shingles. Other times, they may resemble other roofing materials such as slate. They can last decades and resist heavy rain, winds, and fire. Compared to many other roofing materials, they can be cheaper than most.

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