5 types of tiles to choose from for your next project.

Have you ever taken a tiling project before? If no, then it might surprise you that there are many different types of tiles available in the market. The most common of these tiles are Ceramic and Porcelain tiles. The list doesn’t end there, there are also glass tiles, stone tiles, metal tiles, and cement tiles.

Club Ceramic tiles manufactures and distributes ceramic and porcelain tiles. All distinctively and well designed with a unique combination of colors to fulfill the ever-changing needs of the market. For your immediate project or planning for a future project, we are going to get you to understand the different types of tiles fit for your project, all present in the market.

Types of tiles.

  • Ceramic tiles.

Ceramic tiles are easy to clean, install and are made in different designs. It is suitable for many applications and is one of the most common types of tiles in the market. Due to its increased durability, ceramic is perfect for bathrooms, kitchens, or entryways.

  • Porcelain tiles.

Porcelain is another popular type of tiles, it differs from ceramic in its ability to emulate natural brick, stone, or wood with no maintenance.

For versatility, it comes in a variety of designs, styles, or colors. It serves as an all-purpose tile in both indoor and outdoor tiling. Can be used in verandah, kitchens, etc.

  • Glass tiles.

Natural stone lacks the stain resistance ability that makes glass its main alternative. When acidic substances like lemon and vinegar and other substances like red wine splash on the surface, there are cleaned with ease without permanent stain.

Glass tiles chip quite easily on their edges, they are recommended on less traffic areas.

  • Cement tiles.

This type of file can provide amazing patterns and colors. They are also versatile although they prove to be extremely porous. The tiles are very porous and due to oxidation, the cement tiles develop patinas which enhances patterns. Cement tiles are best used in small quantities and low-traffic areas.

  • Marble tiles.

Marble tiles are very costly and provide an instant touch of elegance and refinement to a room. They are best used to add beauty to the kitchen and bathroom. Marble tiles are patterned and veined to deliver texture and depth. Apart from being costly, marble tiles also require a lot of upkeep to keep it looking pristine.