5 Colour Combinations For Your Office Design In Singapore

Are you already tired of your office showing the same looks for years? Do not worry because solutions are available to give the place a different appearance. You may start by upgrading the tools you use in your workplace or buying furniture. But aside from these, you might want to change the colours you will see. If you are planning to change the interior design for your office, here are colour combinations you can use:


If you want to give your office a touch of nature, go for the white and green combination. You may use white for the furniture, and green for the walls. But you can also have the colour green for your furnishings and lamps. Plants are available if you want something natural in your office design in Singapore.


Another touch of nature is the blue and white combination. It relaxes your eyes, but it depends on the shade of blue you choose. Use blue for your walls and furniture, while white is for others. It is better to use light blue to make the place look lively yet calming.


Choose grey and black if you are looking for a colour combination that can give you a sophisticated environment. They can create a dim shade in your office, making the place look classy. If your workplace has been into a light aura, this combination will give you an office reinstatement.


You can make your office look simple by using black and white. White is for the walls, and black is for the furniture. You can also combine them on your walls to balance the light and dark environment. The only downside of this combination is you might get tired of it immediately because you see no other colours than them.


Blue and grey might look unlikely, but they are a good colour combination for offices because they look simple and pleasing to the eyes. Go for the lighter shades of these colours to achieve what you want to see. You may check other commercial interior design ideas in Singapore if this will not work for you.

These colour combinations can give your workplace a different look, especially if you are already tired of seeing the same colours and designs for years. But before choosing, ask your employees to know what they want to see when working. Learn about design and build services in Singapore by visiting id.inc’s website.