4 Reasons Your Concrete Roof Needs Waterproofing

Waterproofing is one strategy to prevent damage from developing sooner than expected, and it will help your roof endure much longer. The benefits it presents are well worth every cent of your money. It is best to engage with a reputable waterproofing company in Singapore.

#1 Decreases Surface Temperature

Infrared radiation will be reflected away from your concrete roof through waterproofing with highly reflective materials. These coatings reflect up to 90% of the sun’s heat. It permits the building’s interior to stay cooler for extended periods while using less air conditioning.

#2 Extends Roof Life

Metal or concrete waterproofing on properties in Singapore forms a strong barrier between the highest layers of your roof and the outdoors. It adds another layer of protection against deterioration, wear, UV rays and leaks caused by rain and wind.

#3 Avoids the Need to Replace Your Roof

Waterproofing your concrete roof or tiles applies a coating system you can reapply every ten years. It avoids the need for a full-scale roof replacement. A waterproof covering is far less challenging to repair and maintain. Furthermore, required repairs will be lesser in scale, less extensive, and often considerably faster to execute.

#4 Saves Money

Expect substantial savings in expenditures by lowering utility bills and avoiding costly water damage, lost inventory, and wrecked equipment. You may skip all stages of roof removal and labour, material, landfill, and disposal fees. You can avoid water leak damages in your wall that may need extensive repair work.

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