3 Habits That Are Ruining Your Taps

Taps and faucets nowadays are built to last for more than 10 years. It is protected with a coating that prevents it from getting rusty and corroded. However, when this coating starts to wear due to age and constant use, the taps are at risk for further damages like cracks, discolouration, rust and corrosion. Internal parts such as the clips, screws, O-rings, and the valve assembly can also fail due to age. Bad habits can also cause your taps to deteriorate faster than their serviceability.

Here are some of the top reasons that are causing your taps and faucets to go down faster.

Damaged Applied to the Parts

Damaged parts of your faucets can cause them to leak and fail. It can lead to dripping and in worst case scenarios. may cause you to prematurely replace this fixture. Different parts of your faucets are at risk to damage due to improper use. Hitting your faucet with large objects or applying too much pressure on the faucet and handle can cause them to loose or to break.

Ideally it would be best to treat your taps like your kitchen stove or gas ranges. They should be kept clean and dry after every use. It should not be exposed to pressure or blunt objects that may damage its small parts. Kids playing with your taps is like allowing kids to play with your kitchen stove. They can cause major damage to these fixtures, both intentionally and unintentionally. It would be best to train the household how to properly handle and maintain taps in your home. Modern taps can be quite tricky to operate and may break easily compared to others. Frequent plumber tap repairs can be avoided with proper care and use of these plumbing fixtures.

Clogs in Your Pipes

Clogs in your pipes can affect the overall function of your taps. Clogs in pipes and drains are often due to foreign materials entering the system. Small toys, tissue, bones and food residue that have accumulated in the pipes can build up and create blocks. Soap residue, hair, grime and oil can also cause clogs and blockages if thrown down the drain.

When pipes are clogged, further issues in the home plumbing occur. Faucets and taps can experience changes in the water pressure and flow. Leaks can also start to manifest when the blocks and clogs in the home plumbing go unnoticed for a long time. When faucets begin to leak and drip, it may cause unexpected bursts too that can be equally annoying and may cause further damage not only to the plumbing system but as well as the rest of your kitchen and lavatories. A licensed plumber for tap repair can help prevent escalating these plumbing problems in your home.

Not Having Preventive Maintenance

As the saying goes, prevention is better than cure. The lack of regular preventive maintenance in your home plumbing can cause premature ageing and damage not only to your pipes but as well as the other fixtures involved in distributing water in your home. Issues in your plumbing pipes can affect your home plumbing as a whole. Diagnosing the problems in your pipes and solving them early prevent further issues that may cause malfunction and damage to your home plumbing as a whole.

When your pipes are compromised, your faucets are at risk for damage too. To avoid this, have regular visits for maintenance checks and repairs with your local trusted plumber. It will save you from future plumbing issues as well as the repair costs that come with it.