how to make your home more energy efficient

How to Make Your Home More Energy efficient

Walk the talk you have always meant by saying you want your house to “go green.” Tap on all resources in your home that could bring down your energy costs and replace all appliances that consume much of your energy bills. After all who doesn’t want to save money anyway? Stick with me in the article below as we highlight all the possible things you can do to make your house more energy efficient.

how to make your home more energy efficient

  • Quit all Energy wasteful Habits

    Do you have habits that could be increasing your average energy costs? How about you start switching the lights off when you are outdoors? If you live alone, check if you boil more water than you use. These are the bad habits that could be the difference between paying an extra $50 and saving that amount in the next month. There are many other poor habits the average American have and quitting them could all make a big difference when it comes to saving on energy bills.

  • Tap on Solar Power

    If you come from state plentiful of the Sun, installing a few solar panels could help you save hundreds in energy bills per year. Using solar power on your hot water systems for instance could greatly increase energy efficiency in your home. Besides, solar power is very clean, readily available and affordable to all.

  • Invest in Wall and Attic Insulation

    Proper wall and attic insulation slows down energy loss during the winter while it reduces unnecessary energy consumption during the summer. With good insulation, your house stays warm when there is cold outside, and stays cool when it is too hot. Besides that, your energy costs go down, thus making it an all win situation. Note also that any type of walls can be insulated, including those with a few cavities here and there. However it is important to call a professional energy auditor over to your home to help you get a proper assessment of the type of things you need to invest in the most.

reduce energy waste at home

  • Replace your Furnace with an Energy star rated one

    Some people still sue their 1990 made furnace. If you also have one built around that time, know that you spend about 35% more energy bills than other people. Replace that old furnace and other energy wasting appliances with devices that have an energy efficiency rating of about 90%. But if you are not sure which devices waste more energy in your home, call a professional over to do the assessment. It pays to install energy efficient appliances in your home after all. And better yet, modern energy star rated devices last longer than the traditional appliances.

  • Change your Water heater if you have to

    These days, people are choosing to pay more just to get the highly rated tankless water heaters. In case you haven’t heard about them, they utilize the lack of a tank to save you a couple of a hundred dollars every year on energy bills. They are also very durable, so more about them to see if they fit your expectations. Other than that, you may choose to spend less and insulate your hot water lines which would still bring your energy bills down by a significant amount. In addition, other simple installments like low-flow shower fixtures, and close down any other loops that would be contributing to higher energy bills in your home.

  • Install Compact Fluorescent bulbs all around your home

    In can descent light bulbs are by no doubt high energy consumers. In fact, most of them consume around three times the amount of energy simple fluorescent bulbs do. When you also calculate the service life of the CFL bulbs versus the fluorescent tube bulbs, the latter bulb types offer you more value for your money. Usually, a good light bulb should not consume more than 50 watts under any circumstances. If possible go for the simple light bulbs that consume around 30 watts if you want a more energy efficient home.

  • Upgrade your windows

    Old and leaky windows will often affect heat distribution in your house. They could also interfere with the efficiency of your air purifiers and humidifiers; all cases which could lead to higher energy bills and less efficiency in our house. However, don’t really replace your windows yet, it would be cost ineffective. Instead, identify the problems with your windows to fix them. On the other hand, you can add good landscaping behind your house and especially near the windows to help better interior air circulation as well as add aesthetics to your home.

Finally, while doing everything possible to reduce energy wastage is the way to go, don’t forget about water efficiency in your home. Install a water filter for instance and upgrade your plumbing to ensure your home is even more energy efficient.

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