how to install a garbage disposal

How to Install a Garbage Disposal

A good garbage disposal should serve you for a number of years. However, it comes a time when all you get after switching it on is a hum. And there, you know you need to replace the garbage disposal. Fortunately, anyone who has done a handy job before could also replace or install a new garbage disposal into their homes. Again, we have systematically highlighted the whole process you can follow and successfully install the new system.

Before you start

how to install a garbage disposalNote that the garbage disposal is attached directly to the sink, to the dishwasher and to a drainpipe. There are hoses to help keep distance between the garbage machine and other appliances though. On the other hand, it is important to check for any special instructions from the manufacturers. But if there are none, here is the general and sure way to install the new system into your home.


  • 1 Bucket and rags
  • Hammer
  • Pipe wrench
  • Putty knife
  • Wire strippers
  • Electrical tape and wire nuts

Step 1: Turn off Power and Remove Drain Lines

Clear everything under your sink to give you room as you start your job. After that, turn off the power source and remove all drain lines. To control leakages, place a bucket under the P-trap and a rag in the main drain.  Loosen the large nut at the sink flange, check for any excess putty and finally remove the sink strainer.

Step 2: Loosen the Screws

With a screw driver or putty knife, remove all putty from around your sink’s opening. You can also use a rag to help you remove any putty not eliminated by the knife. Once done, turn over the mounting assembly and loosen all screws around it. The goal here is to access the snap ring and remove it. A good screw driver should do the job just fine. After snap ring is out, separating every part of the mounting assembly should be easy. You will need to be careful though, as some like the fiber gasket can easily get damaged.

Step 3: Slip the Mounting assembly 

Before installing the mounting assembly, apply plumber putty around the sink to help with lubrication. This will make your work easy as you slip the mounting ring and other parts of the mounting assembly. On the other hand, slide the fiber gasket before mounting the backup ring. Next you have an easier ring to slip through; the mounting ring. Simply hold the fiber gasket and already installed backup ring in check and then slip the mounting ring easily. Once done, you can use a rubber band or tough cell tape to hold the mounting assembly parts into place before installing the snap ring

Step 4: Install the Snap Ring and push the plug

Carefully unwrap your rubber band and slide the snap ring slowly until it pops into the groove. If you followed the process right, tighten all the mounting screws until the hold assembly sits tight against the sink. And for the sake of neatness, eliminate any putty that may have oozed out from the sink flange. The next step here is to push the plug and ensure it connects well with your disposal. It should be a quick test and as you come back to insert a wire clamp. All the same, a flat head screw driver should help you do the test.

Step 5: Connect the Disposal to the Plug

Remove the ring from the gasket to help your retrieve the plug properly. Once done, turn the system upright to help you install the new gasket and ring accordingly. After that, remove the access hole cover and ensure your power is off before moving on to our next step. Insert a wire clamp to the electrical hole and begin another process to connect and secure your wires. It is a simple process actually, but you may want to be careful. To start with, remove any screws that hold the access hole cover onto the bottom of the disposal system. Pull out all the disposal wires inside and ready to connect them together with the electrical wires

Step 6: Connect all wires accordingly

Place all electrical wires to the wire clamped installed with your old disposal system. After that, connect same color wires and secure them accordingly with wire nuts. From here you are almost through with the installation process. However, you will need to push the wires into the access hole, cover it up and tighten the electrical clamp before finishing your job.

Step 7: Mount the Disposal System and Drain Lines

Simply lift the disposal unit and insert its top end onto the mounting assembly. Turn the lower mounting right to the right until it firmly holds the system into place. Again lock the tabs over the ridges before you can install the drain lines. Finally, install the disposal system’s bell and clamp it up. Again, do the same for the bell from your dishwasher and clamp it securely.

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