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massage chair buying guide

How to Find the Best Massage Chair (Buying Guide)

What can be more relaxing and soothing after a hard and stressful day at work then a calming massage. However, the amount of relief the massage chair can give also depends on its quality. Also, it’s a quite high priced item. So of course, you should carefully make the buying decision. Considering the many features massage chairs have, we wouldn’t be surprised if you’ve encountered a lot of questions during your buying process. So we’ve created this massage chair buying guide to help you understand what to look for so you could buy the best model for your needs.

Massage Chair Features to Look For

massage chair buying guide

  • Massage Techniques – Massage chairs come equipped with numerous massage techniques that are designed to provide you with relaxation and pain relief. The most common techniques that you will find are Deep Tissue and Shiatsu. However, there’re many more options available and each one of them has its benefits. So learn about the different techniques and choose the ones that you like.
  • Massage Intensity – Different massage chair models will offer various levels of intensity. On more advanced chairs you can customise the pressure applied and choose the intensity of the massage. Usually, the intensity of the massage depends on the amount of motors the chair has. More motors means more power, and that means better intensity.
  • Does It Fit Your Body Type? – Most of modern massage chairs are designed to fit all body types and sizes. However, it’s still recommended to check the chair’s height and weight limitations, especially if you’re very tall, short, wide or thin. It’s also an important factor to take into consideration when purchasing your new chair. These limitations you can usually find in the specifications. A lot of massage chairs, however, can do a body scan, then before starting the massage they adjust to your body.
  • Chair Material – Most of the manufacturers cover their chairs in leather or synthetic leather. The better choice is of course leather. It’s the recommended choice for other home’s furnishings as well. However, real leather requires special care. Otherwise, it might start cracking and fading.
  • Heat Feature – On many chairs you can also find a heat feature. The benefit of this feature is that it helps to relax and loosen up the muscles, thus easing aches and pains, and further increasing the benefits of the massage.
  • The Length of the Massage Stroke – The length of the stroke also effects the feeling and effectiveness of the massage. A longer stroke allows a bigger area of the back to be massaged, allowing a more realistic feel as if done by your massage therapist. Good massage chairs have a stroke of 30 and over inches which allows to massage your neck, lower back and everything in between.
  • Preset Massage Programs – Pre-programmed massage cycles allow quick and easy start of a massage session. On most massage chairs you will also find a timer. So you can just press a button and relax. Some of the higher end chairs even allow you to customise massage programs and save the ones you liked to favorites, while even more advanced models also have a mapping feature using which you can pick the more tense and stiff areas of your body, so the chair would concentrate on those areas.
  • Air Bags – A massage chair can be equipped with air bags that apply pressure to certain parts of your body. This squeezing and releasing process helps to improve circulation and also adds to the more realistic feel of the massage. They’re usually located in the chair’s seat, backrest, headrest and armrests.
  • Amount of Massage Rollers – Most massage chairs are equipped with 2 to 4 rollers. 4 rollers are of course better, since they will give a more lifelike massage experience by combining different techniques such as rolling, kneading, and tapping.
  • Recline Feature – Massage chairs offer a various degree of the recline. Some models also offer the zero gravity recline which is considered the best position for your body during the massage. This position gives complete weightlessness, releasing all the pressure off the spine. The largest degree of recline that you can get is 175 degrees.
  • Manufacturer and Warranty – Look for well known manufacturers, as this guarantees the quality of the product. They are also usually able to provide better customer support service. Another good indicator of the quality of the massage chair is the length of the warranty that the manufacturer offers.

If you’re still stuck with the decision which massage chair to buy, we recommend checking out Massage Chair Land site for massage chair reviews and comparisons of the best products on the market. They offer a very helpful guide that might help you with your purchasing decision.

Garage Door Opener Buying Guide

Investing in a good garage door opener is money well spent. Not only are you able to open your garage with the touch of a button, you get alarmed when thieves try to break into your garage, you access your garage even during harsh weather conditions and not to forget that you will never get rained on while you try to open the garage. But then, there are so many types of garage door openers. How do you know which one is right for you? The following buying guide will help you with everything you need to know about garage door openers.

Types of Garage Door Openers

  • Belt-drive Systems – Very quiet, very fast and definitely one of the most common types of garage door openers these days. As their name suggests, these openers use belt like systems to open or close your garage’s doors. They are strong and ultra-efficient. In fact, due to their high reliability, they have become so popular in the market; and as a result you should continue to see their prices lower as time moves on.
  • Chain Drive Systems – They may a bit noisy, but they are cheap and relatively efficient. They do make more noise however, but the fact that they are easily available and popular makes them a first choice for many low budget consumers.
  • Screw Drive Systems – They use a specially designed steel rod to lift your garage’s doors up and down. They are very powerful perhaps due to their strong reliance on technology. They also require little maintenance thanks to the fact that they have few moving parts.

Main factors to Consider when buying a Garage Door Opener

  • Strength of the Door Opener

    Different doors ask for differently amounts of power to lift them. A single door for instance may ask for a motor with only a quarter Horsepower, but a double door garage door opener will require a motor with ½ or ¾ of horsepower in them. While stronger motors last longer, they don’t really open or close your door at a faster rate. There is a speed setting function after all. However, noise production is another factor you should consider as you check the strength of a motor. A good motor should be as quiet as possible, and shouldn’t contribute to a lot of tarnishing or wearing of your door.

  • Presence of Remote Control Functions

    No one ever wants to get drenched as they reach out to open the garage door. Save yourself from the hassle therefore and buy a device with a remote control function. Some manufacturers actually offer a remote control the size of a car keys holder for easy portability, while others offer a device with features to help more than one garage bay. Besides the remote control function however, it is important to have a garage door opening function on the garage’s doors. Most of them resemble a doorbell and could or not be part of your garage door’s accessory kit. Back to the remote control function, buy a device that has plenty of helpful features as possible. There are lots of garage door openers with functions to help close down the garage for a specific number of days, or one with a delayed closing function, so that you can now stop running while getting out of the garage.

  • Security Function

    The phrase “security comes first” is often misused by many people, but it shouldn’t be ignored. It is after all a Federal law that you buy a garage door opener that doesn’t crush objects as it closes down. A good device therefore should have a reverse door opening technology which changes the direction of the door once it touches an object or a person. Luckily, most of today’s garage door openers have plenty of security functions. A popular security function for instance is the use rolling codes to prevent code theft or the interference of different garages around the same neighborhood.

Extra Features to Consider

  • Overhead lights – Buy a device with durable lights that can be switched on independently of the garage door’s systems. In addition, garage lights shouldn’t be tough enough to handle vibration in the garage.
  • Presence of Internet Connection – Many people are more acceptant of new innovations these days, and if you are also tech-savvy, buy a device you can easily control while you are in your bedroom. If possible buy a device that is easily compatible with your gateway systems.
  • Battery backup – In case of a power outage, you would still want to access your garage, right? But if door openers with battery backup seems too expensive, at least go for a device with a manual release feature.

Finally, note that it is all possible to install a garage door opener on your own. However, if the tasks get to daunting for you, please call a professional over to install it for you.